4 way rough competitive sexfight

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The video begins with the two teams on their knees facing one another. The girls lean in at the same time for a 4-way kiss and then the match begins.

Rules are well stated:
1) The goal of the sexfight is for each team to try to make the members of the other team orgasm as many times as possible
2) Each time a girl makes someone on the other team orgasm, her own team gets 1 point.
3) The team with the most points at the end of the time limit wins
4) All 4 girls are in the match at the same time. No girl sits out. Each girl is allowed to give pleasure to both opponents at once.
5) Only sexual tactics are allowed – Oral sex, finger fucking, tribadism, kissing, breast play…
6) No wrestling or catfighting is allowed.
7) All girls must be being pleasured at all times. When the Sexfight is over, the girls on the winning team get a Reward. Each of the Winners chooses a girl on the losing team to pleasure her. Then, the Winners lie on their backs and the Losers must pleasure the Winners using a combination of oral sex and finger fucking to bring the Winners to orgasm. Once both Winners have orgasmed, the girls “switch pairs” and the Losers must make the Winners orgasm again. After the Reward, there is a match to determine who is the Best Winner and the Best Loser: now we see Alexa Tomas vs Natty Mellow and Apolonia vs Gala Brown. In fact, we see at the same time the following matches:

1) the Winners have a sexfight. Whoever can make her partner orgasm first wins.
2) the Losers have a sexfight. Whoever can make her partner orgasm first wins. In both matches, the winning girl gets her own Reward – her partner must immediately start pleasuring her and make her orgasm using a combination of oral sex and finger fucking. Then, when a winning girl has orgasmed, she and her partner have lesbian sex, making each other orgasm over and over again as many times as possible.

Video Information:
Lenght: 72:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
Price: 29.99€


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