75 Minutes Sexfight – Ivana Vs Kety – Sexfight Rules

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The video opens with Ivana and Kety on their knees facing each other in the middle of the mat. The referee asks the girls “Are you both ready to fight?” The girls respond that they are ready. Then the referee says “GO!” and the girls begin the sexfight by coming together for a kiss.


1) TIME LIMIT is 60 Minutes. – time starts on “GO!”- when time is up, the referee says, “Time! The match is over!”, and then declares the Winner – either of the girls can call for a Break during the match if needed

2) WINNER is the girl who can make her opponent orgasm the most times – the referee silently keeps track of how many orgasms each girl has had- when time is up, the Winner is announced by the referee- if there is a Tie, a Tie-Breaker is announced and the girls must sexfight until there is 1 more orgasm

3) SEXUAL tactics allowed

4) NO PREVENTING of pleasuring – the girls are not allowed to pull away, close their legs, push their opponent away, or put themselves in positions where their opponent cannot pleasure them- in other words, the girls must be able to pleasure each other at all times during the match with

5) ROUGH tactics allowed – like hair pulling, slapping, spitting at each other

6) NO WRESTLING – no wrestling holds, tactics, or maneuvers of any kind whatsoever

7) REWARD – when the match is over, there is a Reward for the Winner; this Reward happens IMMEDIATELY after the match with no break REWARD – As soon as the Sexfight Match ends and the Winner is declared, the Reward begins with no break. – First, the Loser must get on her knees and bend forward until her face is touching the mat. The Winner then sticks 2 or more fingers into the Loser’s pussy and finger fuckers her until she orgasms. – Next, the Winner lies down on her back and the Loser must use a combination of finger fucking and oral sex to make the Winner orgasm. – Finally, the Winner chooses a position of her own liking and the Loser must pleasure the Winner to orgasm one more time.

AFTER-MATCH SEX – After the Reward round, Ivana and Kety have sex. They can do whatever they want to each other.


Video Information:
Lenght: 75:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD
Price: 39.99€


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