8 Way Competitive Sexfight – Orgasm Elimination Match



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The video opens with all 8 girls on their knees in a circle, facing in, so they are looking at each other in the main open area. All of them have their hair tied in ponytails.
A referee asks the girls “Are you all ready to fight?”
The girls respond that they are ready.
“GO!” and the sexfight begins.

1) TIME LIMIT is 30 Minutes.
– time starts on “GO!”
– if the match goes all the way to 30 minutes, the timer says “Time, the match is over!” when the timer reaches 30 minutes; if the match doesn’t go to 30 minutes, this is not needed
2) SEXUAL TACTICS are Allowed
3) NO PREVENTING of pleasuring
– the girls are not allowed to pull away, close their legs, push their opponents away, or put themselves in positions where their opponents cannot pleasure them
– in other words, the girls must be able to pleasure each other at all times during the match
4) ROUGH tactics allowed
– like hair pulling, slapping, spitting at each other
– no wrestling holds, tactics, or maneuvers of any kind whatsoever
6) 2 ORGASMS and You’re Eliminated
– the FIRST time a girl is made to orgasm during the match, she must REMOVE HER HAIR TIE and let her hair down (and throw the hair tie to the side)
– the SECOND time a girl is made to orgasm during the match, she is officially ELIMINATED from the battle
– when a girl is Eliminated, she must leave the main area and go to the couches / secondary mats
– the girls who are Eliminated must have sex on the couches / secondary mats as the main battle continues
– the Winner is the final girl remaining
– in other words, after 7 girls are eliminated, the remaining girl is the Winner
– if there is more than 1 girl remaining at the Time Limit, the Winner is the girl who has the least amount of orgasms
– if there is more than 1 girl remaining at the Time Limit and all of them have had the same amount of orgasms, then they are ALL Winners
– the Winner gets a Reward only if there is any time remaining, so there is good incentive for the girls to try to win by making the other girls all orgasm 2 times as quickly as possible
– if there is time left, all the Eliminated girls must now pleasure the Winner at the same time and make her orgasm over and over again until the end of the video
– the Winner is allowed to pleasure any or all of the Eliminated girls if she wishes
– the Winner is also allowed to make any of the Eliminated girls fuck each other if she wishes
– the Eliminated girls are the Winner’s sex slaves until the end of the video and she can do with them what she wants

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