A sexfight game: Lesbian Chicken



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Amirah and Gina are trying to figure out who’s the sexier between the two.
Amirah propose a game to understand it: Lesbian Chicken.
The one who kiss the other first is the loser!The lesbian seduction begins and both are trying their best to resist to the sexy moves of the opponent.
Suddenly, they both begin to kiss each other deeply. There’s no way to tell who were first, so to settle the argument, they try other techniques.First, they go with a boob duel. Then they go with fingering, missionary tribbing, until the fight gets so hot that they both cum at the same time.
Both furious for the situation, they don’t leave their foe any time to recover, and they go immediately to stimulate and finger-fuck each other to overwhelm the adversary. Again, it’s a tie, they both orgasm in the same moment.When the going gets tough, the tough get going: the only solution is to go pussy to pussy. They sit face-to-face and intertwine their legs and trib each other to get the last orgasm, while kissing and grabbing their boobs and asses. 
Who is going to be the most erotic and seductive one?

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