A true warrior conquer all



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We are dealing with a real competitve deep tribbing, first one to come loses.
Aislin and Darcia are new to Defeated, but they are quite acquainted to the sexfight rules.
Both of them know that the stake is too high to stay calm.
At the beginning of the video, the atmosphere is tense, they focus only on themselves getting wet and horny before going to war.
With one hand they self finger themselves and the other hand is rubbing their own nipples to get hard. They prepare their bodies and mental game.
Then, real battle begins. They scuffle for getting the top position for tribbing, in order to gain advantage on the opponent.
They are so committed into the fight, that you can tell their concentration and efforts from their face expressions.
They keep fighting aggressively. Will one dominate the top more?
Finally, the winner allows herself to enjoy her own victory orgasm from one of the trib positions. No mercy for the loser, who gets a final facesit from the alpha woman!

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