Alpha Women Natural Instincts



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This is a very hot video, involving Victorya Sweet and Blanche Bradburry competing each other, creating a masterpiece, a classic fight between big breasted blonde vs brunette.
The competition is so high, that the electricity between the two of them is palpable.
From the beginning, kisses are passionate, but the attitude is pretty much aggressive.
Being an alpha woman requires a natural instinct, but also a great training, as it is important conquering with all the means and all the s the opponent’s wildest orgasm to be the best.

The situation gets hotter and hotter, as they go through different phases throughout the match:

The girls circle each other seductively and then remove their robes.
The girls sit on the edge of the mat and entangle their legs.
They rub their legs together constantly while they press their boobs together.
With the other hand they slap the other’s breast or twist the other’s nipple.
Their faces are cheek to cheek with their lips grazing one another.

Titfight and Nipple fight
The girls stand and push each other away. They move forward allowing only their nipples to touch.
The girls use their legs to rub against the other girl’s pussy during their duel.
They pinch and twist each other nipples seductively to make them hard.
Then, the girls move their breasts to allow only their nipples to touch.
After the nipple fight the girls engage in a full titfight with their pussies fully engage on the other girl’s legs.
While they titfight they are occasionally cheek to cheek and grabbing each others asses.
As they grab each other’s ass, they slide their fingers down the other’s ass crack.
The girls are actively grinding their pussy against the other girl’s leg.

Titfight and Kissing/tongue duel with fingering
The girls lick and suck on each other tongues while they titfight.
When they are cheek to cheek, the girls invade each others mouths with their tongues and kiss with the sides of their lips.
Now, they are kissing each other passionately, trying to overwhelm the other.
Meanwhile, they are still actively titfighting throughout their tongue and kissing duel.
Their tongues push against the other tongue very pushfully.
Their kisses involve a lot of tongue with both girls trying to aggressively invade the other girl’s mouth.
While they titfight, the girls grab each other’s asses or slide their finger down the other’s ass crack.
During this phase of the fight the girls also aggressively finger each other; rubbing the other’s clit and sliding their finger in the other’s pussy.

Missionary Trib with Kissing and Titfighting
The girls throw themselves onto the mat and roll around trying to get top position.
When one girl is on top she grinds her pussy and tits into the girl on the bottom.
While they are cheek to cheek they are kissing with the sides of their lips and invading the other’s mouth with their tongues.
The top position changes very fast, as they wildly roll around.
They are really tight together trying to gain as much contact as they can to get more advantage, rubbing their cheeks, tits, and pussy against the other.

Leg Entanglement and Foot Play
The girls roll onto their sides and have them aggressively rub their bodies into one another.
They grab and play with each other’s asses.
Their legs entangle one another and have their legs rub against the other’s pussy.
Their feet rub against each other constantly, occasionally getting sole to sole with their toes curling into the other’s.
The girls intertwine their toes together during their foot play.

69 Position
Then, the girls move into a 69 position.
They roll around so each takes turn on the bottom.
They end this phase, by lending on a 69 on their sides.

Ass to Ass Trib
The girls move to an ass to ass trib position.
They grind their asses into one another hard.

Scissoring Trib and Ending
The girls move to the scissoring position
Towards the end the girls scissor each other while in a tight embrace so they can kiss/tongue fight and smash their tits together.
They are cheek to cheek as much as possible trying to kiss one another with the side of their lips or tongue fight.
The fight end with them in a tight embrace, clit to clit, tit to tit, cheek to cheek, while trying to out kiss each other.

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