Alpha women, small boast, great roast



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What happens when there are too many women in a man’s life?
A woman won’t bear it.
And here’s when you understand a real attitude of a woman: some of them will just be devastated, and some of them will just react.
In this case, we are speaking of women with real gut, women who want to demonstrate that they are the best.
There’s no need for words, nor explanations. Just, a right time to put in action what they believe in: they are the sexiest, the proudest, the hottest, the strongest.
We are speaking of alpha women.

In this match, the two woman sexfighting – Nesty and Vicky – have different styles. One wants to intimidate the other with her super high heels, while the opponent simply arrive as she is.
But goal is the same: defeating the other, in order to be the only woman of a wealthy man.
They are highly determined to finish their mission: to sexually destroy and overwhelm their foe.
Tribbing, 69, double dildo, pussy licking, nipple playing, anything to bring the enemy to the edge of an orgasm, finally proving who is the real winner, leaving the opponent destroyed and defeated.

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