Sandra and her Barbies



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Dionne is alone doing some work out by herself. Immediately after, Kety enters in the room already utterly furious and angry. Kety immediately gives a huge slap to Dionne’s ass, driving Dionne furious as well. Dionne goes furious when she sees Kety and yells at her: “You stupid bitch, what the fuck are you doing!” Kety, being extremely furious answers: “I want to know what the fuck you did! Everyone is talking about me squirting and the mess I’ve made a few days ago! What the fuck you did Dionne?” Dionne laughs at Kety and makes fun of her: “I won’t tell you!” Kety slaps and spits on Dionne’s face even more furious and says: “You dirty slut, I’m gonna fuck all your holes until you will squirt!” Kety and Dionne begin to spit, pull their hairs and slap in the face engaging in a very violent fight like this. Hearing all this loud mess, Sandra arrives in the room totally shocked and irritated when she sees Kety and Dionne fighting. Sandra says extremely irritated: “What the fuck is this? Do you know that this is a public place?” Kety and Dionne stop fighting and look at Sandra furious as well. Dionne immediately reacts infuriated and answers: “Who the fuck are you? You like watching slut?” Sandra walks closer to Dionne extremely angry and says: “I know who you are Barbie! You think we don’t hear all the screaming and the loud mess you make when you and this squirting bitch fuck like wild animals?” Dionne answers with a very provoking tone: “At least I know how to make a woman squirt! You have only your huge sad dildos to fuck your broken ass!” Kety truly goes mad hearing this words and pushes Dionne (also trying to slap her), then screams: “Enough with this bullshit! I’ve never squirted! Say that again and I’ll make you drink the toilet’s water!” Sandra laughs, still being very menacing and aggressive, and goes face to face with Dionne: “You don’t know the meaning of fucking a real woman Barbie! You can’t handle a real woman! That’s why you like fucking this squirting slut!” This last phrase makes both Kety and Dionne go utterly furious and attacking Sandra in an extremely aggressive way, slapping Sandra’s face and spitting on her face and body. Kety pulls Sandra’s hairs and blocks her from behind, then Kety uses her legs and feet to push Sandra to open her legs. Kety also spreads extremely super wide Sandra’s pussy with her fingers, Dionne gets on her knees facing Sandra’s wide opened pussy, then sucks two fingers from her hand and then finally penetrates Sandra’s pussy, until Sandra totally loses control of herself and explode in one of the hardest orgasms of her whole life, convulsing uncontrollably and almost falling on the floor. After Sandra had her huge orgasm, Dionne won’t stop finger fucking Sandra on the g spot furiously and extremely harder and harder until Sandra explodes once again in a second truly huge and extremely devastating orgasm, this time totally falling on the floor with her gorgeous legs trembling and closing uncontrollably. Kety, Dionne and Sandra literally begin to totally destroy themselves sexually, pushing extreme orgasms and fucking without mercy until two of them totally lose senses. After totally destroying each other and having the most devastating and hardest orgasms ever of their life, Kety and Dionne are both completely devastated on the floor, covered and dripping in sweat, pussy juices and saliva, looking extremely dirty and wet. Sandra is pretty much devastated and looking extremely wet, sweaty and dirty as well, but she still has some energy to teach both Kety and Dionne a lesson they will never forget! Sandra is extremely furious and determined to make both Kety and Dionne regret bothering and insulting her in the beginning and Sandra is going to do this by literally “torturing” both Kety and Dionne by pushing them cum extremely hard over and over and over without stopping, literally fucking them both senseless without mercy!

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