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From a “Trib it Forward Project”

Once upon a time in a castle far away…

INTRO SHOT – A bird’s-eye view from the castle

Nurse Alexa (wearing her nurse uniform) is entering by the front door of the castle. She is here for a job interview to become the new nurse for a wealthy count.

Talking to a friend on her mobile: “Yes Christina, don’t worry – as soon as I get this job I’ll wear the old man out and take him for his millions.” (finishes the call laughing).

Nurse Talia (also in her nurse outfit) enters the front door a minute later. Like many women she also talks her plan on the phone to her friend. “Bianca, I’m at the castle for the job interview. I’ll let you know when I have seduced the count.”

Alexa is in the antique room waiting to be interviewed. She looks impressed at all the wealth of the place and is anxious to start her interview.

Talia walks in and both women look at each other in surprise and anger.

TALIA: What are you doing here?

ALEXA: I could ask you the same question!

TALIA: we’re not here for the same job?!

ALEXA: No one said there would be competition!

Talia sees a letter on the bedside table and picks it up.

TALIA: It says the job goes to the strongest and fittest woman. We have to sexfight for it. And count Flugel wants it all on film!

ALEXA: Bitch, I need that job more than you!

TALIA: So fight me!

The women interlock their hands and push their tits into each other.

Alexa sticks her tongue out and Talia licks it. Then they both push their tongues together, trying to flatten them against their chins. Finally they tongue wrestle trying to push their tongues into each other’s mouth.

Talia grabs Alexa in a bear hug, squeezing their tits together. Alexa fights back and the women curse and groan as they struggle through the castle.

Once in the bedroom they topple on the bed and start to get rid of each others outfits.

Alexa pushs Talia down on the bed.

Both women push their hands down each other’s panties and start masturbating/finger each other while trash talking about who is better than her rival and who will win the fight.

Trying to restrict her opponent’s movements, Talia grabs Alexa in a bear hug. Pressing their tits and bodies tightly together. The raven hair girl feels the nipples of the brunette pierce into her globes.

Alexa has no choice but to brake off her finger assault, and switches to a scissors position.

The girls slam their crotches together and try to rub each other into submission, taking turns to be on top.

The girl on the top position grinds as hard as she can into her opponent.

Only to find the girl on the bottom to grind just as hard back into her.

This fight goes on for a bit until one woman wins by her opponent to orgasm.

The winner catches her breath for a moment after such intense tribbing while the loser lies back trying to recover.

But not for long as the scissor trib loser quickly regains her strength and attacks the other girl, getting them into a 69 position so both women can start licking each other’s pussy.

The fight intensifies and Talia start to probe her nemesis with fingers as well.

Rubbing her fingers onto a sensitive clit.

Alexa tries to keep up with her tongue.

But the sexy brunette ups the ante by penetrating that wet slot deeply with her finger.

Which was too much for the Alexa to resist and she bursts in an amazing orgasm.

The winner of the 69 gives her opponent no time to recover, getting on top of her in an aggressive missionary trib position.

The one on top shouts:

“Can you feel how my sweaty cunt lips are smashing against yours!? How my swollen clit grinds yours down?”

The one beneath shouts back:

“You fucking bitch! Give me more, I can take it, feel how my thrusts meet yours!”

This will be a prolonged scene of intense trib in the missionary position, showing the bottom woman locking her legs around the hip or legs of the top woman…

While the top woman tries to spread the legs of the bottom woman wide apart with her bucking.

And the trash talking continues:

TALIA: You bitch, I see you are worn out. I will finish you of and have the count with all his luxury all for myself!

ALEXA: You whore! You are the exhausted one. I will be the last girl standing and walking away with the count and his richness!

TALIA: Come meet me woman to woman and let’s see who the better one is!

Starting with slow speed…

The missionary trib ends in hard banging with wet pussies full of juices. Tribbing to a final devastating orgasm. Tribbing for the job. Tribbing for her pride.


The loser of the last trib contest lies defeated on the bed.

The winner is getting dressed in her nurse’s uniform again, looking very satisfied with herself and making mocking looks over at her defeated rival, as she leaves the room and her defeated competitor behind.


Only one girl will leave the room with pride and with the Best Nurse’s Position. And the once in a lifetime opportunity to seduce the rich count. Who do you think wins?

Special thanks to Sffan4e for this descriptions, screenshot and for sponsorizing this “Trib it Forward” project on Hostboard forum. Thanks to all the users who partecipate into writing this script and to make the realization of this movie possible.

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