No country for Beta-women

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Barbara Bieber vs Blanche Bradburry: BB vs BB. But no one here wants to be a Beta-woman.
Here both girls are fierce, and determined to prove that they are best. It’s a long match, and they know that only one is going to be the winner.
Both girls will challenge each other on multiple fields, trying to overwhelm sexually the other.
It’s an intense sexfight, with breathtaking twists until the end. Who is going to make the opponent cum first?

Round 1 – Titfight and Nipple fight
The girls standing in front of each other nude with just their nipples touching.
They use their legs to rub against the other girl’s pussy during their duel.
After a nipple fight they engage in a full titfight with their pussies rub on the other girl’s legs.

Round 2 – Titfight and Kissing/tongue duel with fingering
The girls slowly start to lick and suck on each other tongues while they titfight.
They kiss each other passionately, trying to overwhelm the other. They add a lot of tongue, trying to aggressively invade the other girl’s mouth.
During this phase of the fight the girls aggressively finger each other; rubbing the other’s clit and sliding their finger in the other’s pussy.

Round 3 – Missionary Trib with Kissing and Titfighting
The girls throw themselves onto the ground and roll around trying to get top position.
When one girl is on topvthey her grind their pussy and tits into the opponent.
They roll around, keeping a tight pressure, flatting their cheeks, tits, and pussy against other girl’s.

Round 4 – Leg Entanglement and Foot Play
The girls roll onto their sides and they aggressively rub their bodies into one another.
They finish in a tight bear hug on their sides, grabbing and playing with each other’s asses.
Their legs entangle one another and their legs rub against the other’s pussy.

Round 5 – 69 Position
Then, the girls move into a 69 position.
They roll aggressively around so each one takes turn on the bottom, ending in a 69 on their sides.

Round 6 – Ass to Ass Trib
The girls move to an ass to ass trib position.
They grind their asses into one another hard, while trash talking all the time.

Round 7 – Scissoring Trib and Ending
The girls move to the scissoring position
Towards the end the girls scissor each other while in a tight embrace so they can kiss/tongue fight and smash their tits together.
The fight ends with them in a tight embrace, clit to clit, tit to tit,†cheek to cheek,†while trying to out kiss each other.
They are so horny that they orgasm almost at the same time, but who is going to be the winner?


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