Blonde vs Brunette Round 1



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Ever wondered who are better sexfighters, blondes or brunettes?

So did Kari (brunette) and Nikki (blonde…). Both think that they are better than the other. Both are confident that she can overwhelm her opponent.

Nikki: I am prettier than you.
Kari: No way, I am more beautifull than you.
Nikki: I don’t think so, guys love blondes more.
Kari: In you dreams, brunettes are way more sexier.
Nikki: Prove it to me. I am sure I am much better in sex than you.
Kari: I know I can outkiss, outtrib and outfuck you anytime.
Nikki: You don’t know who you are dealing with. I have a bunch of sexfightfans who love me forever and know how tough I am.
Kari: Oh yeah, after I kick your ass, they will adore me.
Nikki: You bitch! We’ll see about that!
After which Nikki gets closer to the petit brunette and the girls start carressing and kissing each other.

Bigger and stronger Nikki soon enough gets the top position of their first round of 69.

But don’t count Kari out! The little fire cracker, combines pussy rubbing with ass slapping. And seeing Nikki’s reaction, she likes the assertiveness of the brunette.

Who ‘draws first ‘ so to speak?

But that does not mean it’s over yet! After her orgasm, she continues untill she evens the score.

And if that’s not enough, the girls don’t stop untill one of them get’s another one out of her nemesis!

After 3 rounds of orgasms, they still didn’t had enough of the other’s body. On the contrary, they hungered for more and started stripping the dresses of her opponents body.

But things could not get off fast enough, so in between the girls ‘stole’ a stroke here and there…

So hot were these girls for each other!
After that Kari had a bit more energy left and took over the initiative.

Nikki wouldn’t be a sexfighter if she did not retaliate. Her lips were plastered to Kari’s tit and nipple. And guess what her fingers were doing?

If you thought all these orgasms had worned the girls out, you guessed wrong! It was like just foreplay, because now the girls lined up their pussies into direct contact to see who is the better woman!

This was an exciting moment. Sometimes the closeups were so intimately close, you have to listen to the moans to know who came (…first). Because both were getting closer and closer to the peak of their arousal. You can hear their moans getting higher and higher, becoming more and more irregular, untill 1 could not bear it another second longer and lets her floodgates open… Both could see in the others eyes that her opponent was getting close…

Who do you think won?

Thanks to SFFAN for this description, wrote on hostboard to review this video!

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Type of fight: Sexfight
Victory pose: Yes
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