Blonde vs Brunette Round 2



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Were you convinced who is better, blonde or brunette? Well, I wasn’t sure if it was a lucky strike or not in the previous match Brunette VS Blonde. So let’s have another round and see who rules…

Nicol is so ready to take on the blonde.
Nicol: You think you’re so hot, but you can’t compare with me.
Blanche: I am much more woman than you are.
Nicol: There is nothing I see, that impresses me.
Blanche: You have felt nothing yet. My sexfight sponsor wants me to show that blondes are better than brunettes bitches.
Nicol: Oh yeah, my sexfightfan sponsors me to prove that brunettes are better than blondes bimbos.
Blanche: Are you ready to take me on?
Nicol: Come closer, and I will show you!

And show her the brunette does! Attacking the blonde from behind, kissing neck and stroking pussy… The girls are totally hot for each other.

They even line up their tits to stimulate the other…

Untill their pussies are so much on fire that they need to get those fingers to their targets.

Still unable to get an orgasm from their stubborn opponent, they decide to go for a 69 position where they have better access to that delicious pussy. Both resist to cum, untill the point of no return…

But that long awaited orgasm was just the start of things. The girls next get into a scissors trib and have some more hot trash talking.

Nicol would not wait long after that climax to continue their match. This time she mounds Blanche to show her how dominant brunettes can be.

But the blonde pussy proved to be a hard nut to crack…

The girls call each other names, like Nicol tells Blanche she is a blonde bitch. To which Blanche replies that she’s a crude blonde bitch. And with that statement she goes hard on the brunettes pussy!

With some undeniable results!

But the brunette isn’t finished yet. She’s like Rocky Balboa challenging the blonde Russian Ivan Drago to hit him again and again. Trying to wear her opponent out…

And playing mind games with the blonde. Mocking how bad she is in tribbing that the brunette is bored…

Which fired up Blanche to punch… I mean thrust even harder into that strong pussy of her nemesis.

What a smart move of the brunette. Cause after that round, she counters back. Taking the blonde in missionary style, she rubs her clit hard into her opponents sensitve knob. Blanche had to bite her lip to resist the overwhelming sensations!

But the blonde is a tough one herself. She reverses their positions and again grinds into the brunette. But don’t count Nicol out, she rubs back just as good as she is taking. “Fight me blonde!”

Top position is no guarantee here to obligate an orgasm out of your opponent. Not if your opponent is fucking back just as hard!

And yet, we still don’t have a KO. So the girls try their mouths and fingers again in a 69.

That was one hard earned orgasm!

Still the girls refused to give up… can you imagine? So they go for one last round on their now probably wobbly legs and sore pussies.

It’s so intense and as mentioned before, bottom position doesn’t mean you’re have to be the victim. You can see when Blanche was almost coming but controlling herself, her opponent noticed this and grabbed on to increase her thrusting…

Both girls are sooo on their reserves, but both don’t want to loose…

They want to pose victoriously over her beaten foe. So they go on untill one passes out or can’t continue anymore. Both are so on the verge of cumming…

What an amazing match this was, with lots of back&forth action and quite some simultanerous orgasms! Who do you think in the end wins? Who will be the last girl standing?

Thanks to SFFAN who wrote this review in Hostboard forum!

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