Revenge? Better served caliente



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This is clear: Alexa Tomas and Julia Roca do not like each other.
Also, they are really not known to sit patiently, trying to discuss and find a solution.
Unfinished business? No, not for them. They are going to take care of it.

They are going to provoke themselves, to push them to thier limits, until they will finally explode and fight back.
So, no wonder that after some minutes from the beginning of the video, they are going to inflame the situation.
Their Spanish DNA has a disruptive push.
That’s why this sexfight match is so breathtaking, aggressive and hot.
Their pussies are like smoking s, tribbing like there’s no tomorrow, fingering as hell, in the heated warm of a nice sunset.

They know exactly how and when to attack the opponent. They know each other, and they are going to make whatever it takes to defeat and bring the rival down.
There is a very thin line between being a winner and a loser, and they are not stepping a millimeter back from their positions.
They literally do: they challenge each other to impossible positions, trying to gain the wildest orgasms, while insulting each other in a colorful Spanish.

Julia and Alexa are two sensual tornados, but who is going to make her foe cum more?


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