Competitive Sexfight Catfight Tournament Match 2 – Cherry Vs Darcia



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The rules of the tournament:

To score a point the girl needs to make your opponent cum.
When a girl have orgasm she needs to tap out.
A girl can make the opponent submit, she’ll get the advantage of using a vibrator on the defenceless opponent for 30 seconds, to make her close to her orgasm or to make her cum.
The loser will be humiliated by the winner at the end of the fight!

In the second semifinal of the tournament we see Cherry and Darcia fighting for access the final.
This second match is defenetely more sexual than the first one, with both girls trying to block the opponent to make them cum, without the chance to escape!
This semi-final is full of orgasms!!
The match has no pauses so stamina is really important for win the fight!
Who will win between the young and prepared Darcia and the veteran and strong (But super clit-sensible) Cherry?The tournament includes:100% Competitive unscripted sexfight catfight
Pushd orgasms
Pushd vibrator
Pushd kissing after orgasms

Pushd foot licking for the loser
Strap on for the loser
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