Your frustration is turning into pleasure – Competitive Sexfight

competitive sexfight
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Your frustration is turning into pleasure – Competitive Sexfight

Ukraine vs Czech,
Ivana Sugar Vs Angel Piaff – Pornstar Extremely Tribbing Competitive Sexfight
Raw, competitive and really erotic competitive sexfight between two famous pornstars Ivana Sugar and Angel Piaff.
Angel, sweet and self confident, beautiful and iper-sexy: Angel’s Target?
Prove the world her pussy is the best and strongest in the world.
Ivana, a Dragon, real east in her vein, her only target: Destroy the opponent, be the best, win.
Ivana starts really aggresive in this match, obligating Angel on the ground.
Ivana begins to trib her and she begins to put mental pressure to Angel.

Angel was so near to orgasm but she can turn the situation!
Angel gets on the top and start to scissor Ivana, trying to convince her that her pussy is stronger!

Angel slowly tribs her till Ivana’s orgasm, so near, but not enough….

Ivana can turn now the situation but she can’t give orgasm to Angel,so near again…. Angel turns again the situation, and then Ivana turn it again.
She finally gets total control of the situation.
Ivana gets totally mad there, destroying Angel in anyway possible.

Some quotes of the match:
“Your frustration is turning into pleasure”
“You hate me but you like my pussy don’t you?”

Angel can’t break the position and Ivana’s talking begin tocontrol her thoughts and Angel is totally in her hands!!

The final Angel orgasm is probably the biggest she had in her life!!

Angel, exhausted on the floor, gets now humiliated by Ivana’s victory pose,with her foot on her face.
Ivana facesits her, before trib her ass to ass to have her own orgasm!!

Just one word to describe this: WOW.


Content Information:
Type of fight: Competitive Sexfight
Victory pose: Foot over face
Finisher humiliation: Facesitting and tribbing
Video Information:
Lenght: 34:16 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
Price: 29.99€ — —


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Defeated Sexfight

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