The clash of the Daisy Dukes



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One day Katy twittered a video titled I’m the hottest Daisy Duke around. Emylia replied “No way” and twittered her own Daisy Duke imitation.
Their argument did not went unnoticed and one fan decided to invite them to Defeated so they can show their fans who the hottest Daisy Duke is.
So, when they met at Defeated’s, they are super determined to show who is the sexiest between them.
They meet up, fierce stare, eyes in the eyes, then they immediately start to fondle and kiss each other.
After kissing, they go for other hotter and hotter rounds, switching each time, to see who is going to make the foe cum more.
The rounds include missionary tribbing, fingering, doggy tribbing, cuddle tribbing, strap-on fucking in different positions (missionary, standing and lifting), breastfeeding, wave machine, titfight, motorboat, nipple twist.
Their goal is to sexually overwhelm the opponent, so they’ll do whatever it takes to prove their superiority.
Toward the end, they finish right as they started, with an intense kiss fight, holding each other close, as to keep their opponent under their control.
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