Sexfight Competition – Photoshoot double Booked – Match 2


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The photographer from SF Fan Forever Magazine is having a dilemma. He came across 2 hot girls, but unfortunately he could only hire 1 for the next photoshoot.
Who should he choose? The milky white skinned with big boobs Natty? Or the Sexy bronze tanned Apolonia? Pondering about his problem, he suddenly recalled something astonishing that had happened in a previous photoshoot. Due to his belayed arrival, the 2 models had some heated argument, which escalated into a sexual competition to prove who of them was the better woman. Although it messed up their make up a bit, their argument and mutual dislike was perfect for his photoshoot and eventually got him high praise from the magazine’s editor in chief.
So, unable to decide who is the hottest girl, he came up with the naugthy idea to have the girls figure it out between the 2 of them. Hopefully this would get the winner all hot and ready for him…

Apolonia was very happy with the invitation for this photoshoot. Although she usually does work for more kinky and adult related companies, she has been a SciFi fan for a long time. Loving to watch movies like Star Trek, series as Dr. Who, and reading SFX magazine. She has not heard from this SF Fan Forever Magazine before, but she is very excited to star in anything SciFi related.
To ease herself a little while waiting for the photographer and his assistant to arrive, she settles on the bed and read a little in one of the magazine.

Suddenly another girl arrives. Probably the assistant, Apolonia assumes.
But it appears that the other girl, Natty, is not the assistant. In fact is also a model coming here for a photoshoot with the same magazine.
The girls have an instant disliking for each other.

Not long after the girls meet, there phone receive a message. Guess from who?
It’s the photographer who issues a challenge for the girls, to see who is the more sexy and better woman.

Both girls are up for the challenge and they check out each others assets.

They don’t waste much time tough, because before you know it, their hands found their way to the other’s pussy.

Not only from the front, but also from behind…

After that round of wetness, the girls wear eager to taste each others juices.

Only to find that it is an amazing way to make your opponent to orgasm.

Apolonia did not liked it that Natty was able to so quickly even the score. Don’t let her angel face deceive you, because she’s a real tease! After rubbing Natty’s clit aroused and sensitive again, she suddenly starts to slap it in quick succession. Her opponent clearly felt that!

Natty strikes back by choking the bronze goddess, while tribbing with her.

Natty gets a bit more agressive and strikes back by choking the bronze goddess, while fucking with her pussy.

But don’t count Apolonia out. She can take it, but she can also ditch it out as well!

The sexy milky skinned girl return the favor with a vengeance!

But shaking those big creamy tits while tribbing, finally got Natty over the edge.

Apolonia noticed that Natty’s tits are sensitive to attack, so she kept on stimulating those beautiful orbs untill Natty could not hold it any longer.

But Natty is no pushover. If her opponent uses tricks to get her over the edge, so can she! Rubbing her finger over Apolonia’s already sensitive clit does it.

By now both girls are so hot, that they take of their outfits and star tribbing for all their worth for.

Who is going to pop?

Spoiler alert!! So close…

After that the girls get back into 69 to suck out all that juices.

One of the girls came so hard that she twitched like crazy!
I love this close up of such a wet pussy…

Both girls still not giving up, and they go for another round of pussy to pussy.

Unable to finish the other off for good, Natty takes out her little travel companion.

The girls are so hot for each other, and yet still needing to prove her superiority…

With the double headed dildo, Natty takes the lead by fucking Apolonia in missionary style.

Turns out that Natty is quite the champ with the Double D. Still in control she straddles fucks with Apolonia.

But the tanned is a clever one. She recalls her opponents sensitive boobs and makes good use of them.

Natty ain’t dumb either. She changes into a position where her big tits are out of reach from Apolonia experts hands.

To finish her opponent of, Natty slides into a scissors dildo fuck, all the while keeping those hands out of reach to prevent a counter attack.

To eventually getting what she worked for…

To the point that she got so aroused that she could not resist to touch her own pussy!

The continuous fucking proved to much for the milky skinned girl.

But just like before there girls don’t know when to quit. The continuous shortly after got the best of Apolonia too. As Natty grabbed her arm to pull her in even harder and deeper, the tanned gal couldn’t control herself any longer.

Getting the feeling that she got better chances with their pussies and clits mashing together, Apolonia got back her dominant position and tribs Natty into oblivion.

Or so she thought… because Natty gathered her reserves for one last round.

They fuck each other so incredible hard…

And if you thought they were tribbing, look again… These girls were fucking each other so deep, that the dildo totally disappeared between their pussies. Only to surface for short moments of air.

It’s so tight between the two girls. Both pussies sucking desperately on the dildo, to thrust as much as possible into the opponent…

Who do you think is going to win? Who will get the photoshoot?

Thank you to SFFAN4E who wrote this script and description on Hostboard

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