2 Hours Exhaustion Sexfight



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What’s beyond your fantasy?

This goes far than that.

Kety Pearl and Dionne Darling know each other from a lot of time.
Each time that they meet each other, they always go one step further.
Each time it’s an extremely super hardcore sexfight, dirtier and kinker like their previous ones, going even more wilder, for 2 HOURS.

As they have more background behind them, both of them get even more aggressive, dominant and sexually hungry than their previous videos.
Both girls will push out of each other the hardest and most intense devastating orgasms they ever had in their whole life, feeling the most intense and unbearable sexual pleasure sensations they ever experienced and totally losing control of themselves, fucking without mercy and dominated the opponent in the most humiliating possible ways.

So they go for one of the longest sexfight we’ve ever released, pushing themself beyond any possible limits.
Kissing, drooling, spitting, finger fucking, foot sucking and fucking, tribbing in every position: they really want to sexually destoy their opponent, making the other girl cumming so much that she can’t bear any more pleasure.
They are litteraly devastated, ending with a massive pushd orgasm overloading scene without mercy.
They are both in a messy state: convulsing and trembling on the floor, totally covered and dripping in sweat from head to toes, their hairs looking extremely dirty, wet, their whole face and body too covered in saliva as well, and their pussy dripping juices.

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