Extreme Dirty & Wild Competitive Sexfight – Katy Pearl Vs Dionne Darling

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Well. Kety Pearl and Dionne Darling. Who was fan of Czech Wild Sexfights will remember them so well.
They was in love at the time (8 years ago) and don’t see by then.
What we have here is the wildest, dirtiest and most competitive video we’ve ever produced.
Dionne and Kety, truly competitive and so much attracted by each other are going to fight to see who is the better.
(In the backstage this was a completely mess. Dionne seems a bit jealous about all the girls who was in the room, and she wanted to show everybody who was the boss there. And she did it).
This 1 hour video is a competitive sexfight at his top, including tribbing, oral sex, g-spot fingerfucking, spitting in mouth and face and foot fucking.
Girls go completely dirty and wild. Completely covered in sweat and drool, exchanging saliva on kisses, with lots of orgasms from both sides, to the total destruction, till they can’t stand on their feet anymore.
Welcome back girls.

Content Information:
Type of fight: Competitive Sexfight
Video Information:
Lenght: 1:00:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
Price: 29.99€



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