Extreme Sexfight in a lake of squirt

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Usually we speak only about what happen in a scene.
But here i just say to you guys….
This is not the average video. This is the most extreme video we’ve EVER filmed.
Cherry Vs Luna battling for the dirtiest slut in town.
This video is just crazy. The girls finger each other like there’s no tomorrow,
spitting in their mouth and squirting everywhere.
We’ve measured and we have some numbers.
Cherry squirted 3.5 Meters far (really Close to hit my camera lenses FFS) and did a 1 minute squirting in LUNA’S FACE AND MOUTH!
The floor was completely covered in their own squirt, the girls slide around and have some troubles to stay on their feet.
This is one of the most EXTREME LESBIAN scenes i’ve ever filmed and SEEN in my life,
and it goes for 62 MINUTES.This is a MUST HAVE / MUST WATCH.
Video Information:
Lenght: 62:07 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
Price: 39.99€

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Defeated Sexfight

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