Q: How to join the membership?

A: Join now
This is the registration form
Then choose your plan
Plan selection
and welcome as Defeated’s member!

Q: How does the membership works?

A: Membership will give you the chance to streaming the first 10 videos (for the 29.99€ — — plan) or all the videos of our websites (defeated.xxx, sexfight.defeated.xxx and xxx.defeated.xxx) and it gives a 30% discount on all videos.

Q: How to enter in the membership page?

A: There’s no membership page. You can streaming now the videos from the posts and the price is discounted if you are logged in.
Don’t lose your account password!

Q: What’s the speed of streaming?

A: We’re working in these days to make the streaming work on all connections.


Q: Why is my account blocked?

A: The only reasons could be:

-Card not accepted on payment.

– Two different IPs tried to connect to your account from different positions.
Contact me here if needed: [email protected]

Q: How\What can i ask in a custom video?

A: Be smart. We have a good number of custom videos to make.
You have to be more clear as possible, and – more shorter as possible.

Add photos of your prefered positions.  The important positions. The girls has to remember the main points of your script to act it in the best way.

If you send us a 40 pages script (this really happened), the models that are there with us just say “fuck” how can i make this real and natural?


Q: What is the maximum time to make a video?

A: We usually send to you the video in max 5 weeks. It usually take less than that time to make a custom video, but it can happen that it took more.

Q: Why do you need 3-5 weeks to make a custom video?

A: It takes time to organize a date with 4-5 people really far from each other. We don’t live together. Then studying the script, prepare a set, edit the video, upload the video, send you the video. It usually take less than that time to make a custom video, but it can happen that it took more when working with super stars.


Q: Does Internet Explorer works on this website?


Q: Can be the membership be canceled?

A: Sure, you can do that anytime if you have Basic or Premium plan.
PRO Plan can’t be deleted before 2 years.

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Q: How to cancel the membership?

A: Are you really sure you want to do that?
We’ll miss you 🙂

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