Mistress Vs Wife – Final Sexfight



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Two rival women are both lovers of a rich millionaire.
Alexa Tomas is a rookie lover, while Talia Mint is a veteran lover.
Both of them share the same rich millionaire but the rich man now only wants one woman and asks them to sexfight to death for him until one woman prevails to become his beloved.

The video opens with two women in front of their lover, a rich millionaire.
The two opponents agreed to a final sexfight deathmatch for their rich millionaire lover.
The rules: each woman takes a special pill that makes them passing out every time they get an orgasm during their “Defeat Sexfight Match”.
The winner of each fall must get her opponent to have an orgasm any way she can, the loser of each fall gets a knock-out-orgasm and will pass out.
The sexfight goes on as long as one of them is sexually defeated and the loser will get too many knockout orgasms to fight anymore.

The loser will be finished off by the winner with a of her choice.
The rich millionaire man gives them the special pills.
Alexa suggests that each woman should dress herself up now for their sexfight and wear whatever they like to wear for their sexfight to arouse him.
Talia agrees to get ready for their sexfight and to come back here in two hours.

Both women get ready by theirselves, alone, preparing for their fight.
But Alexa has a surprise for Talia: she takes with her a toxic red lipstick and she dresses up with a slutty outfit and boots to intimidate Talia.

Alexa arrives earlier and she waits for her unaware rival Talia.
Then, Talia arrives with a toxic butt plug, still naked from the shower, with her hair still wet and a towel around her naked moist body.
She is totally taken by surprise, without any time yet to put on any make-up as Alexa surprised her way much earlier.

In any case, they both are eager to fight, so they both lay down their s on the ground.
Alexa pulls her opponent’s towel away from her nude body and throws the towel in the corner of the room.
Now they are standing face-to-face. The electricity between the two women is palpable.
Then they fingerlock their hands and fingers.
Then they go down on the ground for their competitive sexfight knockout orgasm match.

They start fight out competitive sensitive sexfights with clit licking, g-spot fingerfucking and a 69 position fall sexfight match.
Talia – full of jealousy and hate – g-spot-fingerfucks Alexa until she comes to her first knockout orgasm.

When Alexa recovers, they sexfight in a 69 position match with a too overconfident Alexa coming to orgasm again and passing out again.
Alexa gets her 3rd orgasm in a competitive clit licking contest and Apolonia is knocked-out again a third time after she bursts into an amazing orgasm.

After she recovered, Alexa takes a dildo, to see who is the one that can resist more to the sexual pleasure.

Then again, Alexa sensitively strokes her crotch against the nude rival’s crotch, her in a trib sexfight.
They both try to rub each other into submission and Alexa wins again by Talia to come again to another knockout orgasm.
Talia is knocked out again.

Alexa then slowly inserts and slowly slides her forefinger slowly in and out of nude Talia’s sensitive clit, fingering her slowly with her forefinger.
Talia feels Alexa’s finger deep in her wet clit which is too much for the nude lover to resist and she bursts in an amazing orgasm.
Alexa gives her nude barefooted opponent no time to recover, locking her legs around her hips and rubbing her clit on Talia’s clit.
Starting with slow speed the scissor trib begins again, both slowly moving their bodies, tribbing for their lives, tribbing for a final last devastating orgasm.
Alexa again fights dirty, she bends forward in their trib scissoring position and slowly twists, pulls and pinches Talia’s nipples.

Talia can’t take the nipple play anymore, so she screams in pain and comes again, passing out once more.
Alexa stands up and takes both toxic s, her toxic red poisoned lipstick and Talia’s toxic butt plug.
Alexa first takes the poison butt plug and slowly inserts the toxic poison butt plug into the loser’s tight asshole, the loser moans loudly and whimpers.
Talia moans with pain as she feels the butt plug deep in her tight asshole and she slowly moves her ass, her butt jerking.
Alexa takes the toxic red poison lipstick and slowly puts on the poison lipstick on her lips.
Then, she slowly opens the loser’s legs wide open and she kisses and licks slowly the clit of the nude weak loser.

Talia now realizes she lost the fight and so Talia lets out a sigh of relief as she cums again her last time with a last orgasm.
Alexa smiles, walks to her millionaire man with so much pride on her high boot heels and leaves her defeated nude competitor behind her.

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