Lesbians are better

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This is an incredibly intense match, involving four girls in a wrestling tag team match, transitioning into a sexfight, ending into a heavy lezdom humiliation punishment.

At the beginning of the movie, Katy and Vinna are in the middle of the room completely naked, seducting each other as they usually do.
Suddenly, Blanche and Emylia enter the room.

When Blanche sees that Katy and Vinna are lying on the floor and stroking each other’s pussy, she makes fun of both girls, and says that straight girls are powerful, while lesbians are useless and inferior creatures.

So, Vinna and Katy challenge Blanche and Emylia to a wrestling tag team match.

Lesbians Vs Straights

The first squirting girl will be the loser, and the team humiliated as much as possible, including facesitting, tribadism, forced orgasms, ass licking, squirting on the losers, strap on domination and much more

How this match is going to end? Who is going to prove their point?

Video Information:
Lenght: 31:03 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 29.99$



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Defeated Sexfight

Defeatedsexfight is about sexfight videos, the best pornstars around fighting for the best pussy, fighting with scissor tribadism, tribbing fighting, pussy fight to prove who's pussy is stronger. International matches, humiliation for the loser after the sexfight, facesittings and lots of tribbing scissors