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A new day dawned, and the city woke up. From the east, the sun rose, all-powerful over the tiny lives beneath it, without knowing that, when it fell down the other end of the horizon, the lives of four women would have changed forever.This is the story of Zafira Blundchen, Miky Love, Jaruskha Ross and Linda Sweet, four beautiful young women drifting in an ocean of jealousy and passion, trapped in the webs of fate, poison and sex as a .

Come on, don’t be shy, and look beyond the walls of their penthouses and studios, their bathrooms and bedrooms, to see how lust and envy are more related than you think.

Welcome to Cheetah, a story about female rivalry in the 21st century. Modern times… but still old-style sexfights…

The love square is not just a video,
The love square is a project started on Hostboard Sexfight,
Sponsored and commissioned by Sffan4e and wrote by AnubisxEnjoy the wonderful novel here who is the prequel and story of the video:
Love Square Novel
by Anubisx
Commission by Sffan4e

A new day dawned, and the city woke up. From the east, the sun rose, all-powerful over the tiny lives beneath it, without knowing that, when it fell down the other end of the horizon, the lives of four women would have changed forever.

This is the story of Zafira Blundchen, Miky Love, Jaruskha Ross and Linda Sweet, four beautiful young women drifting in an ocean of jealousy and passion, trapped in the webs of fate, poison and sex as a .

Come on, don’t be shy, and look beyond the walls of their penthouses and studios, their bathrooms and bedrooms, to see how lust and envy are more related than you think.

Welcome to Cheetah, a story about female rivalry in the 21st century. Modern times… but still old-style sexfights…

7:21 a. m.
Blundchen’s Penthouse, Lepanto Avenue

Zafira’s fleshy lips parted to receive Miky’s sweet tongue, the green eyes of the first one nailed to the blue eyes of the second one. The two young brunettes moaned softly, tremendously horny, as their half-naked bodies sought each other, eager for flesh and sweat. A series of small nuclear explosions detonated here and there, delightful pleasures in the bedroom. Then, the first daylight entered through the large window of the penthouse, and their sweaty skins that were sliding together shone sensually under the rising sun. What a view! Two beautiful young women surrendered to the flesh, in the intimacy of bed and sheets.

“I’ve been waiting days for this,” Zafira gasped, her hands touching her girlfriend’s bare, firm tits. The springs of the bed creaked when she pushed the other woman against the mattress. In the background, just below the gasps and moans, a melodious song was playing on the record player: A beautiful Portuguese female voice, accompanied by violin and bass, sang about passion and love, about sunsets on the beach in lover’s arms. The scene seemed idyllic, a perfect act of pure feelings of union… but sometimes appearances deceive.

“You fucking bitch, I’ve been waiting for this too,” Miky grunted, rolling over her girlfriend to change positions. The skirts of the females twisted between their pelvises, revealing some of their wet white panties. “You didn’t stop sending me pictures of your business trip… always surrounded by those whores. If you wanted to make me jealous, you succeeded!” Miky growled angrily, recovering the top position in bed. Her teeth bit into Zafira’s mouth, a moan that mixed pain and pleasure. In response, her girlfriend’s fingers pinched Miky’s nipples, and now the gasps and moans of both brunettes were heard in the room.

“What about you, cunt?” Zafira replied, her sweet lips rubbing against Miky’s hungry mouth. “What about the photos you posted on Facebook with that bitch Stefania? You know perfectly well I hate seeing you with her. That stupid girl and her fucking tiny bikini!”

The melodious Portuguese voice and the beautiful sunrise were pushed into the background by the couple’s toxicity. Both young women knew perfectly well how to push the other’s buttons, and they haven’t stopped doing it for months. On every business trip, Zafira made sure her girlfriend knew she was accompanied by her attractive co-workers through WhatsApp; and every time Miky went to the beach with her friends Stefania or Adriana, she made sure that Zafira knew it with a Facebook tag.

Rolling around the bed, the brunettes grabbed the other skirts, practically pulling them out of the other sweaty body. Jealousy had dominated their relationship for so long, that even the only thing holding them together —girl-on-girl sex— had become poisonous, turbulent… competitive.

“That’s the way I like it…” the green-eyed beauty moaned, excited to have the upper position again. Her right hand grabbed Miky’s wet panties tightly, and the other brunette did the same with her.

“Which way?” the blue-eyed hottie said, grunting as she felt her panties nailing between her legs, groaning as she felt the soaking panties of the other brunette tearing slowly. “Me giving you the fuck of your life?” With a quick pelvic strike from Miky, the girls’ position changed again.

“Oh, yes, give it to me… for the first time in your life.” Zafira cried out under her girlfriend.

“Arrogant whore!”

“Cheap bitch!”

Suddenly, the panties were torn and thrown out of the bed. Both beauties knew that it was the signal that marked the beginning of the end, so they grabbed each other’s tight butts with rage and started rubbing each other’s pussy aggressively.

“Fuck you!”

“No, fuck you!”

Far away was the night when Miky and Zafira had met for the first time, the night when their naked cunts had touched each other, although not as they were touching now. The sex in the alley behind Nightclub Vertigo had been healthy, mutual, fruit of love at first sight and the carnal passion awakened by alcohol. Now the sexual act was contaminated and unilateral, a jealous competition to prove who could fuck whom. Not even a couple of weeks away from each other could relax the toxic dynamic that the relationship between the beautiful brunettes had entered in recent months. They still desired each other, they still yearned for each other carnally, but envy and derogatory comments about the sexual capacity of the other were driving both of them into a dangerous spiral.

Zafira felt Miky’s fat clit against hers, an insistent battering ram which threatened to enpush her girlfriend’s words as waves of pleasure swept over her body at the wet contact. Her own clit hardened against the onslaught, and she responded by pushing her against Miky’s hard dagger. Breathing out grunts of exertion and pleasure, both brunettes knew that the orgasm was near, very near. For an instant, they hesitated: what if for once they relaxed and enjoyed healthy sex? What if they put aside all the shit they’ve been putting up with for months? What if they put aside their pride and return to the beginning of their relationship, when everything was pure and enjoyable?

In the girls’ mouths, words of pardon seemed to begin to form… until suddenly, on the bedside table, the screen of Zafira’s cell phone turned on, showing the app logo that had changed her life. Shit, she thought, afraid that Miky would find out her secret. But fortunately, her phone was muted, so her girlfriend didn’t notice the incoming message. But Zafira knew perfectly well who it was…

The return to the deify past of her relationship with Miky didn’t seem appetizing now. With a sudden pelvic thrust, Zafira mounted her girlfriend again, ready to end this sexual encounter as soon as possible. “Let me show you how it’s done,” she said, with the arrogant Zafira returning to the present. “It’s time for you to learn how to fuck clit to clit, bitch!”

“Your clit is shit, cunt!” Miky replied.

The sexual spears of the brunettes impaled against each other quickly, surgically, pushed by firm and hungry asses, the girlfriend-rivals’ fingers clinging to the butts fervently. The bed creaked under the wild sex, waking up some neighbors in that ruthless race to the climax, sexual endurance against sexual endurance. Huffs and insults mingled in the confined air of the bedroom, the naked women of the fogged mirrors and the sun still rising as the only spectators of the battle.

Fucking and getting fucked, Zafira could barely keep Miky under her, the other brunette pushing her pussy against hers in a desperate attempt to knock her down again. Zafira had to admit she’d become totally addicted to ride her girlfriend’s body, piss her off and then compete cunt to cunt with her between the sheets. It was frustrating, it was violent… but somehow, it was also exciting. But after days away from home, it was not Miky the woman she was actually longing for. A blond, tattooed obsession filled her head with passion and eagerness, with the image of herself lying on the bed while the other woman painted her nudity after a hot, long night of sex. Right now, Miky’s waxed pussy was just an obstacle to her wishes, and she always broke down the obstacles that life put in front of her.

Frustrated by the lack of capitulation of the other clit, Zafira started using her own clit to massage the slit of Miky’s cunt with surgical precision and frenzied impatience. Miky began to moan without control, about to explode into a devastating orgasm. She had always loved it when Zafira fucked her cunt that way; now, she hated it. “Fucking whore…” Miky gasped, her body twisting, naked and sweaty, in the morning light.

“Time to finish you, my bitch…” Zafira smiled.

It was at that moment of defeat when Miky’s dilated pupils saw the time in the bedroom wall clock… and everything changed. She knew that she was late for her date, a date that she wouldn’t show up on as a loser.

“Let me finish this…” Miky closed her vaginal lips around invading Zafira’s clit, squeezing it deliciously as she thought of the blue-eyed redhead who awoke her most animalistic instincts. Her girl howled with pleasure, but insisted on penetrating Miky’s pussy with her increasingly long and horny hard-on. Desiring to end that intercourse as soon as possible, the brunettes gave everything they had inside. Screams, gasps and moans filled the bedroom, with more and more insults spicing the act with ardor. The broom from the neighbor below hit the floor under the females, but they didn’t care about it anymore, the two brunettes practically wrestling in bed.

Like water in a pressure cooker, the twin climaxes seared in the depths of Miky’s and Zafira’s cunts, an announcement of what was to come. Grinding their teeth, one penetrated, the other crushed, desperate to hold on for a second longer than the other, desperate to prove to the girlfriend that her arrogant words were worthless. Palpitation after palpitation, the brunettes sobbed, pleasure mixed with pain, the taste of victory and defeat dancing between their beautiful lips, their sexes about to surrender to the evidence. Hands grabbed each other’s tits in a last-moment attempt to push the other over the edge first, their fat nipples pinched under fingers that had to be contained to avoid real damage.

Suddenly, Zafira’s clit was freed from Miky’s cunt, and both females exchanged quick strokes between s before Miky now penetrated her girlfriend. The roles were reversed, but the pleasure only continued to grow and grow, the final wave reaching the coast… At last, both brunettes detonated in a strong climax, a double orgasm like they haven’t felt with their partner in months. Panting, sweaty, the hot women trembled between the other arms, their skins bristling as the liquid pleasure was coming out of between their legs. The earthquake gave way to small tremors and, in the end, the girls were exhausted, one against the other, frustrated because none of them had proven to be right.

“Next time, this will be very different…” Miky gasped, almost unable to form the words.

“Yes, it will be…” Zafira snarled, exhausted and angry in equal parts.

Separating themselves from the other brunette, the women got up, their bodies barely recovered from the intense sexual session… but there was another hot meeting waiting, and they weren’t going to stay home with that brunette bitch who just fucked them.

“I have to go,” Zafira gasped, picking up her cell phone, her naked body sparkling spectacularly after sex. “Don’t wait up for me…”

“Don’t worry, I have to go too,” Miky replied, glancing impatiently at the clock as she grabbed her own tits, feeling them stirring after the orgasm. “But at least it gave me time to teach you something, you cunt…”

Zafira growled, wondering whether or not to answer the words of her girlfriend. The accusations about her inability to fully satisfy the sexual needs were starting to piss her off, even when she was in the same game. Now, the woman had to decide whether to start a discussion or whether it was better to go away and seek solace in another place.

“Yeah, you have taught me how you scream when my clit is inside of you.”

Dressing quickly, the brunettes looked at each other, on the brink of bursting. However, nothing happened. Ready to leave, Zafira grabbed her bag and, with one last tense look on Miky, she left.

9:07 a. m.
Ross’ Study, Verdun Street

“Someday you’re going to have to paint me,” Zafira said with jealousy. There, in the luminous study, the brunette stretched her voluptuous body between silken sheets, naked and sweaty after a long session of sex. A few steps away, her lover, also naked, retouched her last painting: a stunning Middle Eastern woman, posing completely naked in a luxurious Arabian palace throne room. “Who did you say ordered it?”

“I never got the name of the client from the representative,” the other girl replied with a halo of mystery. Her tattooed naked body shone wet under the sunlight coming through the window, her blond hair as soaked as her satisfied cunt. “All I know is that he’s rich, very rich, and that he wants to hang this painting in his villa in… Where was it again? I think Romania, because when….”

Zafira wasn’t listening to her lover. Her green eyes were stuck to the green eyes of the stunning woman in the painting. A sensation halfway between jealousy and lust ran through her body, the piercing, emerald gaze daring her from the portrait. Damn, it looks so real… so defiant, she thought, her body waving nervously in bed. For a moment, she wished that exotic beauty was real, that she would open Cheetah and she would be there. What Zafira wasn’t sure of is for what she would meet her: to fuck… or to fight?

“Have you seen that woman, Jarushka?” she finally asked, her mouth dry with a certain nervousness.

“No, I only received this photograph,” her lover answered. Then, her face twisted with a lascivious grimace. “But I wouldn’t mind having her here, right where you are, as naked as you… to paint her, of course,” she let out a laugh.

“Watch out, bitch,” Zafira spat without thinking, jealousy dominating her.

Jarushka stopped her brush for a second. “I thought your girlfriend was the jealous one,” she said without turning her face away, her blonde mane looking bristling like the hair of an upset cat. “So don’t ever call me a bitch again… you bitch.”

Zafira snarled softly, slowly rising from the bed as Jarushka continued to avoid looking at her. “I wouldn’t call you a bitch, you bitch, if you were painting your lover, not some green-eyed whore…”

A slight tremor in Jarushka’s hand almost ruined her painting. Turning her face slowly toward the brunette, the artist narrowed her gaze. “Here I only see one green-eyed whore.”

“I had a bad day with Miky,” Zafira said, getting close to the blonde with her clenched fists. “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Jarushka left the brush and, deliberately slow, rose up to face her brunette lover as equals. “You’re the one who doesn’t want to go through with this. I got in a fight with Linda again this morning, so watch your fucking mouth.”

The voltage reached the boiling temperature in the study. A pleasant and passionate sexual date had been transformed into what appeared to be the preamble of a catfight. And it was not the first time…

“Choose once and for all, blonde bitch,” Zafira grunted. “The slut in the painting… or me.” She could hardly believe her words, she could hardly believe the incredible wave of jealousy that ran through her body… for a portrait. But she was sick of seeing Jarushka painting other women as if she was just a hobby.

“She doesn’t spit shit out of her mouth like you do, so I’m clear on who I prefer… fucking cunt.” The two young women looked each other in the eye with resentment. “I’ve told you a thousand times that sex inspires me, so if you want me to paint you, next time you’ll have to make the grade.”

Zafira’s face twisted in an annoying gesture. First her girlfriend making derogatory remarks about her sexual capacity… and now Jarushka was doing the same thing! “I think today I gave your pussy the most inspiration of your life, fucking blondie!”

“You know I hate to be called blondie, you stupid cunt!”

“And you know the problems I have with Miky and her comments about me… so watch what you say, frigid sow!”

“You’re crazy, Zafira! You and I see each other to fuck, not to hear your bullshit!”

“You bitch!”

“You bitch!”

Before the lovers knew, their naked bodies collided together, falling on the bed. Adrenaline pushed their lips together, their tongues together… and rage gave way to a toxic but delicious desire. The hands pulled the other hairs, the dark and golden manes painfully torn under fingers and nails as the mouths stifled each other. For the second time in just a few hours, Zafira found herself fighting with another woman, screwing another woman… both things at once, mixed in chaos and nonsense, two hot and supposedly antonymous actions intertwined in the same direction, competition and hatred together with connection and lust.

Rolling past the bed, the rival-lovers fell to the floor, their bodies hitting the thick Persian carpet. Even in the middle of the fight, Zafira could smell the scent of spices, the scent of distant and exotic lands emitted by wool, silk and cotton; the memory of her first discussion with Jarushka, when one of the spectacular women of her paintings had sent her the carpet as a gift, flooded her fingers with strength, flooded her whole body with rage.

Zafira’s bare breasts began to smash Jarushka’s bare breasts like battering rams of firm flesh and hard nipples, and the blonde beauty responded with her own tits, starting a female competition that, like the Persian carpet, had long settled in Zafira’s mind.

“Your fucking fat udders are pathetic!” Zafira howled, her boobs shaking after every impact against the blue-eyed woman’s pair.

“Look who’s talking!” Jarushka growled, moaning as her bosoms tried to pound the brunette’s breasts. “Your tits are small and weak!”

There was another of Zafira’s ghosts: she had always envied Jarushka’s heavy, huge breasts. Zafira had bigger tits than her girlfriend, bigger than any of the lovers who had entered through her bed… but that feeling of superiority faded when Jarushka and her fat breasts were close by.

The blonde was aware of that tricky matter of breasts, for she also felt her mind filled with similar doubts when she saw Zafira’s naked breasts. Yes, they were smaller than hers, but still big, firm… intimidating. Since the first time they made love, on that torrid summer night in the balcony of a hotel on the outskirts of the city, she had felt that connection between the two pairs of tits, a connection of attraction and envy, a silent competition of size and firmness. Rolling on the carpet with Zafira, bumping chest to chest against her, Jarushka remembered the moment when, for the first time, their bare breasts had made contact that night. The river of the city shone under the light of the full moon, the shaky stars reflected in the water on a beautiful picture that was blurred when the titflesh met each other… and envied each other. Since then, the blonde had become obsessed with overcoming the firmness of her lover’s boobs, and the beautiful brunette had come into play from the very beginning.

“All right, you wanted it!” Jarushka roared, suddenly pushing Zafira away from her. Overtaken by the adrenaline of war, the two girls jumped up and faced each other on the carpet. “Your tits against mine until there’s no question about our breasts without answer!”

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this!” the brunette snorted, her hungry boobs shaking in her torso with excitement. “I’m gonna destroy you…”

“No,” Jarushka shook her head. “I’m gonna demolish you and your ugly girls…”

Violence prevailed over lust, but the sexual component was still floating in the air of Jarushka’s study. The air smelled of humidity, dense female fluids and desire in the form of confrontation. The brunette tightened her muscles to harden her glands in front of the blonde in defiance, and the beauty of blue eyes responded by hardening her own tits. All the tension built up between their breasts was going to be unleashed at that time in a fast, cruel and intense storm.

“If I beat your boobs… no, when I beat your boobs, I want you to tell your slutty girlfriend that your tits aren’t as hot as you think they are,” Jarushka grunted, pausing dramatically before continuing. “And then you’ll break up with her…”

Zafira’s throat dried up immediately. The sudden, unexpected stake was really high, but she wasn’t surprised either. The blonde and she herself had always been jealous of her lover’s relationship with the third woman, even though they knew that relationship was toxic, really frustrating. Would she be able to get home and break up with Miky? Even knowing the problems that she had with the other brunette, ending her relationship with Miky because of a defeat of her proud chest wasn’t an option. She wasn’t going to give that to Jarushka.

“I’ll accept if you do the same with Linda when I’ve crushed and humiliated your tits,” the green-eyed hottie said. “And I want you to record on your cell phone how you tell her that your boobs are crap… bitch!”

“That’s fine with me, because that’s never gonna happen, you cunt!” And just like that, Jarushka threw herself forward!

The impact resonated throughout the study. Flesh against flesh, the women groaned, gritting their teeth in pain as they had never felt before… but they kept pushing. Hugging next to the window, the young girls squeezed with everything they had, crushing their four tits so close together that they would seem to explode at any moment. Jarushka felt Zafira’s glands like never before: firm despite being cornered, hard despite being crushed, the brunette’s boobs felt incredible against her pair, sexy and feminine like the green eyes that gazed at her face with hatred.

Readjusting her arms around the torso of Zafira, the blonde tried to prove that the larger tits in the room were also the better ones, but her lover also hugged her with more fierceness, keeping the perfect matching of breasts. Certainly, her boobs flooded the mass of Zafira’s flesh, her size partially overflowing the smaller chest of the other beauty, but the opponent’s tits were able to curb her advances, lacerating Jarushka’s breasts with arrogant firmness and intense nipples.

But not everything was negative for the blonde: Zafira’s face showed the same frustration with the lack of progress of the fight. The brunette felt like Jarushka’s amazing boobs were too big to hold onto for a long time; there was too much flesh to contain, even for a tight, fat pair like hers. So she had to go on the attack, and use her solidness and her hard nipples against the conceited blonde.

Jarushka felt it against the sensitive underside of her nipples: two long knives of flesh wounding the hypersensitive area, two very hard spears pushing their nipples upward. Her grunt of excited anguish joined Zafira’s gasp of pleasure, blue and green eyes meeting under the morning sun.

“Bitch!” the blonde spat, waving her breasts to release her nipples and counteract. Her big tits pounded heavily at the brunette’s boobs, and Zafira breathed out an abrupt gasp. “Fight me flesh to flesh, you coward!”

“Scared of my nipples, you big cow?” Zafira replied, crossing Jarushka’s nipples with her own hard-ons in a lateral cut.

“Never!” Jarushka struck again with her tits, the blow echoing in the air. “Are you scared of my boobs, you tramp?”


The city was moving, awake and anxious, dozens and dozens of floors beneath the women, unaware of the drama experienced in that study, closer to the sky than to the ground. Above the heads of pedestrians, above cars and their smoke and noise, four breasts battled for ego and pride, for a relationship broken months ago, for the title of alpha woman between a brunette and a blonde, between a businesswoman and a painter.

Sometimes, Jarushka squeezed her rival’s chest, squeezing it with her powerful, fat tits; sometimes, Zafira shattered the nipples of the other beauty, tying them in knots with her own thick daggers. Both women knew their strengths, and used them to their advantage as they staggered around the room in an intense, hot duel of breasts.

But they were not only rivals, they were lovers, and the friction between glands didn’t take long to reactivate their lustful instincts. Before they realized what they were doing, they started kissing, and teeth and tongues began their own sexual struggle. Falling on the bed, Zafira and Jarushka nibbled, pushed with tits, scratched with their hands. Half a minute later, their eager pussies were already rubbing together.

“Miky is right, bitch!” Jarushka growled against Zafira’s hungry mouth. “You don’t know how to fuck a woman!”

“You slut!” the brunette exhaled, her hands filling with the naked buttocks of the blonde to bring their cunts into greater contact. “Now I understand that Linda always complains that you’re pathetic in bed!

“That’s a lie!” A light flashed in Jarushka’s mind as she bit the beautiful lips of her opponent. “And how do you know that?”

“Because you’re always talking about that red-haired bitch!” Zafira said quickly, escaping from her own trap.

“And you just talk about Miky and her bullshit! If you can’t satisfy her ugly pussy, it’s your fault!”

The slits of their cunts got stuck together, almost biting like the mouths of the two beauties in heat. An electric shock went through the girls’ spines and, a second later, the first pre-orgasmic waves swept through their bodies from top to bottom. Despite the hatred that each felt for the other, they were both being dominated by a dirty lust, a competitive desire that shouted that the other had to come first, whatever the cost.

Knowing that Jarushka’s fat tits had started all this dispute, Zafira bowed her head and, with her long tongue, began licking the blonde’s trembling glands. Groaning with pleasure, Jarushka twisted her body to reach Zafira’s firm boobs, and bit her hard nipples with rage and pleasure. The sun, rising higher and higher on the horizon, shone brighter, almost as if enjoying the scene: two beautiful, young females, twisted on the bed to devour the other breasts as they rubbed their pussies together.

The solar flares synchronized with the women at war, and then the girls exploded into a destructive multiple orgasm. Shaking against each other, they both shouted for pleasure, a climax chained to the next in a succession that exhausted the couple. A lonely cloud hid the sun just as the females fell on the sheets, on a puddle of sweat born of excessive lust.

“Get out of here, bitch…” was all Jarushka could pant before her blue eyes closed. What followed was the lividest dream of her life: she and Zafira, tit against tit, on a distant beach, fighting in front of Jarushka’s first lover of her life. Tall and arrogant, Anna watched the fight, as excited as the blonde was…. Jarushka promised the woman of the dream that she would never ever be equaled by another woman, neither by Zafira nor anyone else…

9:59 a. m.
Sweet’s Apartment, Trafalgar Street

“Oh, yes!” Miky screamed as the transparent dildo penetrated her. Pushing herself against it, the brunette felt it hard and wet inside her pussy. “This is what I needed. A good penetration!” The dildo twisted inside her, rubbing against the sensitive walls of her soaked vagina. “Yes! Sometimes I miss a good, big cock.”

On the other end of the huge two-headed jelly dildo, a beautiful redhead was smiling. Excited, sweaty and horny, her blue eyes were fixed on Miky’s blue eyes. “I needed it too,” she moaned, the dildo penetrating her like no one else had for years. “But men are overrated, honey, they can’t fuck you like I do… and you know that.”

“I could say the same thing, Linda” Miky replied. “I don’t think your ex-boyfriends could do this…” Squeezing her Kegel muscles, the brunette tightened the dildo deeper into the redhead. The gasp of pleasure of the other beauty mingled with hers. “And neither your stupid girlfriend…”

“We’re not here to talk about Jarushka,” Linda said with some bitterness in her voice, while squeezing her side of the dildo. Each time one of them tightened the muscles of her pussy, squeezing her side of the dildo, the other end of the sex toy expanded, increasing the pressure— and the pleasure!— of the other lover. “Neither of that bitch you have as your girlfriend, that Zafira…”

“You’re right, I’m here to fuck your cunt.”

“And I’m here to fuck yours, babe.”

Surrounded by guitars, basses and drums, by cables and amplifiers, the females squeezed their pussies around the dildo as they penetrated each other. Miky had lost count of how many times she and her red-haired lover had fucked in Linda’s recording studio, how many times they had enjoyed the thick dildo on the carpet whose smell she already associated with sex. Linda was a musician… and a fetishist. Miky knew it well: the redhead enjoyed fucking in that soundproof room… and the brunette had to admit that she loved it too. In there, cheating on her girlfriend seemed less serious; she and her hot lover were far from the noisy outside world, and the gasps and moans of pleasure would not come out of those four walls. It was almost like being in another dimension, a dimension where Zafira only existed when Linda named her… something that, for Miky’s taste, the other girl did too often.

For a moment, in the recording room only the gentle gasps of the women and the wet, sucking sound of the jelly dildo going in and out of their vaginas were heard. The huge dildo pulsed between the connected girls, its small inner tube filled with the beauties’ vaginal liquids in a vision that had always excited the couple.

“I love this fucking dildo,” Miky said, her cunt trembling with pleasure. “Even if that bitch, that brainless Ariel, gave it to you.”

“Don’t be jealous, sweetie,” Linda answered, her cunt filling more and more the dildo with its juices. “Ariel doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.”

Sensually moving their naked asses on the sheets, the women fucked each other, with more and more centimeters of dildo entering deliciously in their cunts. Closer and closer to the mutual orgasm, the brunette and the redhead bent their backs like she-cats in heat, bowing them in a sensual posture and allowing the sex toy to penetrate them a little deeper.

“Talking about bitches…” Even in that exciting moment, Miky couldn’t help but get her jealousy for other women to dominate her thoughts. “Is Jarushka still acting like a whore with you?” Grabbing her own tits, the brunette stimulated herself as she watched the other girl’s boobs bouncing on her chest.

“She always does.” Linda bit her lower lip, ecstatic at the sensuality of Miky, at the primary sensations that throbbed in her pussy. “If it were not because I love to fuck her in front of her paintings, to dominate her in front of those beautiful women that she paints…”

“Yeah, I know that feeling…”

“What do you say?” Suddenly, Linda’s pussy shoves stopped. Her beautiful blue eyes narrowed, flashing with contained anger.

“Oh, nothing.” Miky blushed, her cunt connected to the redhead’s sex throbbing frustratedly at the unexpected truce. “I wanted to say that I can imagine it from what you tell me about her.”

Linda’s lips twisted into a grimace that Miky couldn’t read. Cruelty? Hate? Suspicion? Tacticism? “Well, I can also imagine what it’s like to fuck your Zafira… for everything you tell me about her,” she replied, maybe a little angry.

There we go again, the brunette thought. They rarely end up not talking about each other’s girlfriend, with hints that made the two beauties suspect that the other woman knew more than she said. But it’s impossible that she is fucking Zafira… The app would not allow it…

“I don’t tell you so much about her, ginger,” Miky said, brusquely squeezing her Kegel muscles to inflate the dildo, while thrusting into her lover’s pussy. Linda moaned softly, but her face showed only animosity: pleasure had been felt as an attack.

“And I barely talk about my girlfriend, baby,” the redhead spat. With a vengeful gesture and forward motion, she squeezed the jelly dildo with her cunt and pushd an angry gasp of pleasure on the other side of the female connection.

“Be careful about what you say, Linda… and about what you do…” Miky twisted her hips with a quick and short movement, rubbing the dildo against the vaginal walls of the other beauty. Both girls moaned. “Or this will end up like the last time we met.”

Linda returned the assault with a cruel pelvic movement, and the couple growled between the soundproof walls. “Last time we met, I fucked your cunt with this same dildo… so you’re the one who has to be careful, Miky.”

“When I have a dildo in my pussy, I’m the one who fucks. You know it, Zafira knows it, and Ja-” In front of her, Linda opened her mouth with a painful surprise. “Ja-Jasmin…” the brunette ended her sentence with a stutter.

The redhead’s face twisted in an angry gesture. “I lost count of how many times I’ve fucked your cunt with this fat thing,” she said. “Or how many times I’ve fucked Jarushka…” Her gesture changed then, a cruel mask flooded her beautiful blue-eyed face; but anger still was dancing in her pupils. “Or other brunette whores…”

Miky’s pussy muscles tightened around the dildo, a jealous fury growing inside her vagina, taking root around her heart. Her mouth opened, ready to speak directly, straightforwardly, about the issue. Was Linda fucking her girlfriend? And was she herself willing to admit what she had to do with Linda’s girlfriend? However, feeling how Linda gently moved her pelvis, gently grinding the dildo into her pussy, Miky took another path.

“Let’s fucking settle this once and for all… not with words, but with cunts,” the brunette growled.

“Let’s see which cunt will swallow more dildo,” the redhead accepted with her own challenge, the competitiveness among women once again burning up the recording studio. “Let’s see who fucks who…”

The brunette narrowed her beautiful eyes. “Get ready to lose, Linda.”

With a double grunt, the contest began. The rivals groaned as they humped each other angrily, their wet, horny cunts gripping the dildo as hard as they could, the sexual twisted inside the girls, a double spear of pleasure and anguish created by a hot female mind. The cries, moans and hisses of the beauties echoed on the walls of the recording studio, trapped forever in the interior of the room as melodies that no instrument played there could ever imitate, as unique musical notes, as song lyrics that spoke of corrupted desire, poison to be hatred masked by lust and betrayal.

“When I beat your ugly pussy, I’ll write a song about it, Miky,” Linda said suddenly, her wet, hot sex throbbing in agonizing pleasure. “How about I call it ‘Fucktisfaction’? Or maybe it’s better something like ‘Gimme dildo’… You know I’ve always been a fan of the Rolling Stones…”

The brunette clenched her teeth, her angry cunt as assaulted as her ego was against the arrogance of her lover. “And why don’t you call it ‘The ginger was fucked by a better woman’? A very long title? Try ‘Cheap whore’ and I’m sure everyone knows that the song is talking about you.”

“You bitch!”

“You hussy!”

Two, three minutes continued, and more and more centimeters of dildo were engulfed, more and more vaginal fluids filled the dildo in a wet, liquid competition that seemed too much matched to bet on one of the contestants. The stalemate was frustrating, a wall that none of them were able to climb after bragging they could do it. 

Irritated, Linda began humping against the sex toy, pushing herself violently, desperately against it to plunge it completely into the pussy of her brunette rival. Miky responded with the same intensity, her body agitated against the dildo as she penetrated the other cunt with hunger for victory. The natural lubrication helped the double impalement and, before Miky and Linda knew it, they had both totally devoured the dildo, their pussies bumping clitoris to clitoris in the middle of the room. The bare touch of clits sent waves of guilty pleasure along their spines as the sex toy pushd the limit of what their vaginas could take. Hands grabbed each other’s boobs, pinching nipples and squeezing titflesh as thirsty tongues drank from each other at the heights of the fight. Linda knew she couldn’t resist much longer; luckily, she felt Miky shaking against her on the brink of the same atomic explosion.

It was then when the women’ cells began to sound. The girlfriends that had provoked the contest between Linda and Miky were asking for sex through the most controversial app of the moment… but they were not asking their girlfriends precisely… 

“Who the fuck is calling you now, slut?” Miky asked, licking the sweaty face of her lover. “Your fucking blonde? Tell her to paint us after I’ve fucked you! I’d hang a painting like that in my living room!”

“Is that businessbitch calling you?” Linda snarled before biting the brunette’s sweet lips. “Why don’t we go on a business trip with her next time, you and me? So I can fuck you while she watches, and you’ll both learn what a real woman looks like in bed!”

“And I would fuck you both at the same time!” Miky howled, testing the soundproofing of the room. “And let Jarushka come too, so I can fuck you all!”

“I’d be the one to fuck all of you! No brunette or blonde has a chance against my red-haired pussy!” Linda spat, out of her mind. “I’d be the queen of that orgy!”


Images of four beauties in the same room, naked, sweaty and excited in agonizing competition flooded the girls’ minds as their phones continued to ring desperately. A chaos of female members, firm breasts and hard buttocks, tongues and lips eager to lick and kiss, cunts eager to be penetrated and clits to be bitten… That was too much for Linda and Miky. A devastating orgasm exploded in their sexes, and the overwhelmed dildo couldn’t contain any more liquid. With a double scream, the females fell on the carpet, screaming with humiliating pleasure as they trembled and cried, while their combined juices dripped out of the two defeated pussies.

The phones stopped ringing… at the same time as the howling went off. No microphone was turned on to record the sounds of the embarrassing draw, but there was no need: they both, brunette and redhead, had it burned in their minds forever…

1:03 p. m.
Normandy Street

The sun shone at the top of the sky, an eye of fire obsessed with the intertwined stories of the city below, stories that, once night came, only the moon, with its dull, mysterious light, could see. As if a feeling as human as jealousy invaded the star, the sun flashed over the city, the temperature of that late spring day rising to disgrace the attractive blonde who, angry and furious, walked through one of the streets of the city. The sunlight illuminated her golden mane, her feline blue eyes, her perfect outfit of white blouse and short black skirt. The woman’s high heels resounded against the sidewalk, a call for men —and some women— to turn their heads and watch the wiggle of her broad, feminine hips, of her beautiful ass, as firm as round.

“What the crap is wrong with this Cheetah app?” she grunted, looking at her cell with a sullen face. “Jarushka Ross, what the hell have you gotten yourself into?” she said to herself, her fingers trembling heatedly. The app had just recommended the sister of her girlfriend as a possible sexual partner. “Victoria Sweet? Really? This shit is supposed to block people Linda knows… but this is the fourth time it does something like this! And ten minutes ago, this piece of junk also recommended me to her friend Alessia! And I don’t want any more bitches in my life, these three are already a hand full!”

Practically screaming at her cell, Jarushka turned a corner and collided shoulder to shoulder with a woman.

“Hey, bitch! Watch where you’re going!” the other woman grunted.

“What do you call me… bitch?” Jarushka clenched her teeth, the adrenaline and resentment that she had been accumulating all day taking the control now. “You picked a bad day to look for a fight.”

The brown eyes of the stranger burned as she closed her fists, her beautiful reddish lips twisting in hatred. For a second, Jarushka felt trapped by her beauty, with that desire that mixed violence and sex dominating her like it had with Linda, then with Zafira, that same morning.

The other woman waved her chestnut mane in the air, scattering her soft perfume all around. “Oh, the blondie has claws,” she mocked, looking up and down at Jarushka’s curvaceous body. Around the two women a murmur arose, and the arrogant beauty became aware of it. “But it’s not the time or the place, baby. Too bad.”

Jarushka growled quietly. “I have a date, or else we’d be looking for some privacy.”

“How unfortunate I am,” the stranger responded condescendingly. Then she started turning to leave, but stopped at the last moment. “What’s your name, dear?”

“Jarushka, Jarushka Ross.”

“Julia,” the other beauty simply replied, before she left and broke the expectation of the passers-by.

“And there she is: the fourth bitch,” the blonde snarled to herself, turning around to follow her path, her cunt throbbing from the excitement of the competition. Wishing to escape the glances, Jarushka stepped into an alley, a shortcut to the home of her second brunette lover. The shadow of the place felt like a layer of guilt, the weight of the blonde’s feelings towards other women —even an unknown girl like that Julia— hardening her nipples and wetting her crotch.

“If Linda finds out about this…”

As if her thought could summon her girl, Linda appeared in front of her. What are the odds of meeting her girlfriend in a small alley on Normandy Street?

“Jarushka?” the redhead asked with surprise. The blonde’s cheeks reddened quickly, the secrets that she hid from her girlfriend suddenly illuminating her face with shame and anxiety. In front of her, Linda began to sweat slightly, her beautiful face taking on the color of her reddish hair in an exhibition that also spoke of embarrassment and fear.

Paralyzed in the alley, Jarushka and Linda were speechless for long seconds, perhaps an entire minute. The blonde felt that her girlfriend could see through her eyes, beyond her blue irises and dilated pupils, that the redhead could smell the scent of woman above her bristling skin and discover than Zafira, and even Julia, flooded her body and her mind with a powerful, terrible sexual presence.

But the connection between females is a two-way street: Jarushka could sense Linda’s nervousness, a discomfort that went far beyond the discussion of that morning. The red-haired woman with blue eyes and pink lips concealed something behind her reddened face, behind her thin clothes; in the air, Jarushka could almost smell the essence of the satisfied and yet somehow also dissatisfied woman, a walking contradiction as she herself was after her encounter with Zafira.

A cat meowed, hidden somewhere in the alley, while a slight breeze rocked the two women’s manes in the preamble to a kind of duel between cowgirls. Hours ago, mutual jealousy had pushed the couple to argue, to insult each other, to pull each other’s hair and even slap the other face to end up fucking in the bathroom until both reached a displeased and painful orgasm that didn’t settle anything. Linda had run away from Jarushka’s house, throwing a couple of paintings of her girlfriend on the floor amidst cries of animosity and envy; the blonde had run after her, cruel contempt rising from between her lips to damage the heart and soul of the redhead until a slam of the door had closed the conflict… until now.

“What are you doing in this part of the city?” Jarushka asked, a slight accusing touch dancing in her voice. “Did not you have a dance class in downtown?”

“And weren’t you supposed to be at home, painting that exotic slut?” Linda replied with venom.

Of course, none of them were where they were supposed to be. Linda had written to Miky to meet her in her recording studio, and Jarushka had said Zafira that she would be home alone. Both had sought relief and sex in her lover, but the brunettes had only made things worse. Now, redhead and blonde felt more sensitive and frustrated than that morning.

“I’m sick of your fucking jealousy,” Jarushka growled, suddenly losing control and pushing her girlfriend, her hands grasping the redhead’s tits before throwing her back. “Eventually, I’ll break up with you, and then you will cry!”

“Cry for you?” the redhead pushed back, her hands also looking for the blonde’s chest. “I’ll break up with you first, because your jealousy stinks.”

Jarushka pushed Linda again, and the pair began to struggle awkwardly. Scared by the noise of high heels on the pavement and grunts, the hidden cat ran out of behind a dumpster, and disappeared into the back of the alley as the women fought with clenched teeth and eyes full of rivalry.

“You’re such a slut!” the blonde snarled. “Where have you been?”

“Where have you been, you fucking tramp?” Linda replied. “Doesn’t Anna live nearby? Did you call her again to have a shag and remember the old days?”

“Maybe I should do it, you whore!” Jarushka spat, pushing Linda against a wall in the alley. Several meters away, the city continued with its life of cars, people in haste and worldly troubles; there, in the shadow of a secondary street, two women fought with their injured egos. “Maybe I should go back with Anna to feel like I’m fucking a real woman again!” With her right hand, she pulled Linda’s hair, making her moan. “You’ll have to settle for finding whores in that Cheetah app!”

Roaring, the redhead managed to push the blonde back, smashing her against the opposite wall of the alley. “I don’t need to use an app to fuck! I just have to call my friend Alessia, the one you hate so much, and fuck her in front of your paintings!” One of Linda’s hands grabbed one of Jarushka’s plump breasts, squeezing it hard. “At least, Alessia has no cow udders!”

“Shut up, little titties!”

Pushing each other along the alley, tearing each other’s scalps, pinching boobs and kicking pimples, Jarushka and Linda gave free rein to all the stress accumulated over the past few weeks. Fighting against the girlfriend, but also against the memory of their lovers, they spat out words of hatred and frustration between groans of pain and grunts of effort. And, in spite of everything, they got more and more excited under all that wave of pain…

“Are you horny, bitch?” Linda croaked.

“Not as much as you, cunt,” Jarushka replied.

“Fucking slut! This is what you will lose if you break up with me,” the redhead grunted, and immediately Jarushka understood what her girlfriend was talking about. The blonde gasped as she felt Linda’s fingers slipping into her skirt, into her panties… a snake sliding into the hot, wet prey that was her aroused pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Jarushka immediately sought revenge on the other young girl’s sex, skillfully plunging her hand under Linda’s skirt to push her panties aside. “Is this what you want? I’m going to teach you how to finger-fuck a woman!”

Passion and jealousy were mixed in a dangerous cocktail in their bodies. Between grunts and gasps, Linda and Jarushka pushed each other down the alley and raped the other cunt with desperation, in a kind of race towards the opposite orgasm. That was their dynamic now; it was difficult to know when they had started with that, when their relationship had be to break apart to become what it was now: screams, insults, blows… sexual competition. In some strange, incomprehensible way, the differences between the two women had driven both of them to continually demonstrate, every night and every day, which of them was the dominant beauty of the couple, who was the alpha female in bed, who was the best woman and the best lover. It was hard to know if there was anything else left but that sort of hateful lust that invaded them anytime the other girl was around.

“You need me more than I need you!” Jarushka cried, her mouth putting voice to her black thoughts, her vagina throbbing dangerously close to the climax as the redhead’s fingers were tearing at a worn-out pussy after her competition with Zafira’s hot sex.

“Bullshit!” Linda replied, panting to the limit of her sexual resistance. Her cunt was throbbing under the sexual assault of her girlfriend, the blonde’s fingers penetrating her as much as the dildo that Miky had used against her pussy until letting her exhausted. “I’m the alpha female of our relationship, and I’m about to prove it to you!”

In other circumstances, the orgasm did take long to come. But all that the girls had lived through that intense morning, all the emotions they had felt in a few hours ended up making them explode. The sudden, shared orgasm pushd the women to scream, and only a fiery kiss could silence them as tears of exasperation fell through their faces.

But other things had also happened that morning: their lovers had pushd them to suffer the frustration of the unfinished business, of the toxic sex which wasn’t reaching a satisfactory resolution. Now, the double climax was pushing Jarushka and Linda against the same inacceptable feeling, another tie between beauties who thought they were more, much more than the other women of their lives. With female juices flooding the impatient fingers of the girls, blonde and redhead insisted, kissing with rage while the phalanges raped furiously.

“I’m gonna fuck you with these fingers again, and again, and again, and again, you tramp, until you admit I fuck better than you!” Jarushka moaned against Linda’s lips. The tongues intertwined in the warm alley air, locked in desperate struggle before the white teeth collided together in resounding menace.

“I’m gonna dry your pussy with my fingers, bitch,” the redhead promised. “And then you’ll admit you need me, that you’re a frigid slut without me… and that I’m better than you!”

In and out, in and out, the fingers masturbated as a second orgasmic wave grew inside the women even before the first climax was over. Jarushka’s fat breasts collided with Linda’s smaller tits, their four nipples piercing their blouses to impale each other hard-ones like gladiator blades. Sometimes, one of the beauties would corner her girlfriend against a wall, increasing the tempo of her fingers to push her to the edge of the precipice of orgasm; then, the other would push the rival’s body and change their positions before returning the favor with fingers and lips.

“Cum, bitch, cum!”

“You first, slut!”

The second orgasm, however, never came, and the question of who would yield first was left in the air. The sound of footsteps pushd the women to push each other, separating their bodies between tears and gasps, just in time to see some girls appear in the alley. Linda’s murderous gaze was returned by Jarushka’s murderous gaze and, without a word, the beauties went their separate ways, avoiding the surprise glances of the unknown girls.

With the orgasm about to explode between her legs, Linda pulled out her cell phone. Opening the app, she looked up the name of the woman that she knew would finish what her girlfriend had left halfway through…

“Zafira…” she whispered, horny as never before.

3:13 p. m.
The Bird Hotel, Hattin Street

The blue eyes of Bella Oswald, the owner of the modest hotel, flashed amusingly as the two women took the key to room 69. “Have fun,” she said, smiling. In front of her, the brunette and redhead blushed slightly.

“We’re just going to rest…” Linda’s excuse sounded stupid. Next to her, Zafira was unable to say anything, so she only looked away.

“Whatever…” Bella winked an eye, her blonde hair flapping in the air. “Down that corridor, last door on the right.”

The lovers said no more. They simply walked into the corridor, unaware that Bella’s gaze was stuck on their asses.

“I’m not missing this,” Bella smiled. Looking back and forth, she saw that she was alone. So she pushed a couple of buttons… and activated the hidden camera in room 69. “Oh, dykes, my favorite ones…”


Zafira and Linda didn’t talk while they were undressing. That day was being devastating for both of them, a free fall into a depth from which they felt unable to emerge. Somehow, their femininities, their own core as women, felt attacked by their girlfriends, by their lovers; even now that they were looking for relief in another lover, they couldn’t help but see the other girl with different eyes.

Even Bella, through the camera hidden in the wall, could see the feelings of frustration and doubt in the eyes of the two beauties. Licking her lips, she activated the recording mode, excited to see the hot brunette stripping her tits, to see the beautiful redhead taking off her panties to expose her pussy. The blond spy then realized that the woman who responded to Linda’s name was staring at the naked chest of her lover, at her fat nipples and her rough areolas; Zafira, for her part, could not help but look at redhead’s mount of Venus, at the cunt crack in her sexy crotch. What’s going on? she wondered, seeing that Zafira was still wearing her pants, and Linda was still wearing her T-shirt. Why don’t they just finish getting naked?

For a few seconds, Zafira simply caressed her own breasts, brushing her excited nipples with her fingertips. The memory of the titfight against Jarushka still assaulted her mind, the failure to conclude the duel frustrated her with pain much deeper than any physical damage. “Tell me something, Linda,” the brunette finally broke the silence. “What do you think of my boobs?”

Bella was surprised at the question, but even more surprised at the reaction on the redhead’s face. Was that jealousy shining in Linda’s blue eyes?

“Fat cow udders,” Linda said, the image of Zafira’s breasts mingling with the memory of Jarushka’s huge tits. Next to her girlfriend and next to Zafira, she had always felt hung up over the size of her own boobs. But if there was something really bothering Linda now, it was the memory of what had happened with Miky, that same day. Her cunt, her proud cunt, had been unable to overcome the sex of the other brunette in the dildo duel in the recording room, marking her feminine ego with the scar of a tie that she didn’t consider fair. “What do you think of my pussy, Zafira?” she ended up asking.

“Just weak, pale shit,” the brunette spat.

The women began to circle around each other, the toxicity accumulated over hours, over days and weeks, taking control. Suddenly, they both had the urge to pay for their frustrations with that girl in front of them. Linda was going to pay for what her girlfriend Jarushka had done to Zafira’s tits, and Zafira was going to pay for what her girlfriend Miky had done to Linda’s pussy. Outside the room, Bella Oswald could barely believe what she saw… Excited as never before, she brought her fingers slowly under her skirt, beyond her wet panties and golden hair…

“I say my fat cow udders can fuck your ugly cunt in two shakes of a lamb’s tail,” the brunette challenged, hungry for victory on that long day of unfinished business.

“And I say my pale weak pussy can take anything your saggy tits can do,” the redhead replied defiantly. The endurance of her cunt had been tested by the dildo against Miky, by Jarushka’s insistent fingers… Now, she needed a definitive victory against Zafira’s cocky, big boobs, no matter what the cost.

Bella could barely believe what she was seeing. What kind of dirty conception of sex was that? With her fingers running in and out of her pussy, the blonde couldn’t stop thinking about Stefania, the arrogant bitch she had as a neighbor. Is that how I should humiliate her? she wondered, sensing that what she saw through the camera infected her like a virus spreading through a city full of rival women. In all the years of watching men fucking women, men fucking men, women fucking women, seeing orgies, infidelities and unspeakable things in her hotel rooms, Bella had never seen anything as exciting as what was happening between the brunette and the redhead. “This is too hot,” she whispered to herself, the first orgasm of the night about to burst between her legs.

“Okay, lie in bed and let me show you what real tits are,” Zafira said, biting her lower lip.

“Not so fast, you brunette bitch,” Linda growled. “This is a game of two: take off those pants, because my tits want to fuck you too.”

“Whatever, sow,” Zafira answered. “You’re not gonna win this with those little boobies.”

“We’ve been fucking for weeks, and you still haven’t noticed that it’s better to have small, firm breasts than fat, flabby tits… like yours,” the redhead said as she took her T-shirt off. Throwing it aside, she untied her bra to display her milky breast and hard nipples. “You see? These chicks are gonna fuck your loser pussy.”

Bella’s excited cunt exploded with Linda’s last words, polluting panties and skirt. On the other side of the camera, she saw the naked rival-lovers approaching each other.

“You picked a bad day to mess with me, ginger,” the brunette snarled. “I’ve had enough of yo… my girlfriend,” Zafira stammered, about to screw up.

In front of her, Linda narrowed her eyes. First Jarushka had talked about Cheetah in the middle of their alley fight, and now her lover had almost said something about her girlfriend? Is it possible? she thought, a kind of big conspiracy flooding her mind. It was true that Cheetah wasn’t working well, and even the last few patches of the app seemed to have worsened everything. Just yesterday, Cheetah had shown her own sister as a possible sexual partner! And if she had found her sister, could Jarushka and Zafira have found each other in the app? Was her blond girlfriend cheating on her? That would explain a lot of things. Was Zafira playing two-way?

“Tell me, bitch, are you banging someone else in Cheetah?” Linda grunted.

“That’s none of your business, you sow,” the brunette croaked… and jumped on the redhead.

With a double cry of war, the two young beauties fell into bed, struggling as they tried to push their tits against the enemy’s wet sex. Bella also screamed passionately on the other side of the camera, her fingers still masturbating a pussy that never seemed to stop being horny. Linda and Zafira finally managed to place themselves in a kind of 69… and their right nipples penetrated the cunt of the other woman.

“Oh, fuck!” Zafira moaned. Linda’s long, pinkish nipple felt hot against her vaginal lips, a hard spear that massaged and rubbed her cunt with a sexual insistence that could barely be contained. Her own dark nipple raped the redhead’s pussy, going in and out, running the length of the sexual anatomy of the other beauty as Linda moaned and grunted with pleasure.

“Fucking cocky girl, I can take your nipple all day long,” the redhead gasped against Zafira’s thighs, her hot gasps caressing a skin hypersensitized by carnal pleasure.

“You’re the only cocky girl here, Linda,” the brunette replied, penetrating and being penetrated. “You’re always complaining about your girlfriend, but when we fuck you don’t stop implying that you fuck better than I do.”

“What do you say?! Oh, that’s so you!” Linda grunted, her pussy throbbing against her lover’s invading nipple. “You think you’re a sex goddess, and you keep reminding me whenever we see each other.”

Bella came for the second time in just a few moments. What she was seeing was incredibly hot: two beautiful women screwing each other with their thick nipples, arguing about a rivalry that was no longer hidden as their sweat that dripped from their bodies wetted the sheets in room 69 as much as the show wet Bella. That was too much for her.

Linda and Zafira continued to fuck each other’s pussy, their bodies tightening in bed after every touch and penetration. Closing her eyes, the redhead held the tears of guilty pleasure that wanted to escape from her beautiful blue eyes as Zafira’s thick, dark nipple reached her clitoris. Looking out of its skin hood, her sexual spear sought contact with the invader, trembling under the assault Linda to moan on the brink of an orgasm.

“Bitch, do you like this?” the brunette mocked, feeling the earthquake growing inside her lover-rival. “Your tiny clit has always been too sensitive…”

“Mine’s bigger and tougher than yours, cunt,” Linda grunted, clenching her teeth and pushing her pink nipple against the beginning of the other beauty’s vaginal labia. There, the redhead found a clit she knew well: wet, erect and trembling, feminine concentrated in a single wand, the clit almost melted beneath the thrust of the hard nipple.

“Oh, slut, I hate your fucking nipples!” Zafira howled, impaling her own nipple harder against Linda’s clitoris.

“Fuck, whore!” the redhead cried out. “And I hate yours!”

As if they were insistently pressing the detonation button of a bomb, the girls pushed the other clit over and over again with their nipples, twisting, bending, crushing it into a mass of flesh, skin, sweat, juice and passion. The gasps and soft whimpering resounded in the room; increasingly higher and louder, Bella thought she could hear them even if she turned the camera off. The curses and insults desperately spat spiced the competition, Zafira and Linda unable to feel beyond the dislike accumulated for too long, beyond poisonous desire and unconfessed pleasure. 

Soon, everything was buried in the imminent climactic storm. Linda felt her cunt throbbing from the depths. Something boiled in there, the fire of carnal pleasure cooking a sea of gooey juices and liquid defeat before exhaling the tsunami that would destroy the shores of her ego. Against her, Zafira screamed, biting the redhead’s feminine thighs to try to control her own devastating orgasm. Linda knew there was little time left, so she began licking the brunette’s thighs, nibbling them sensually as her nipple insisted on crushing the weakened, excited clit of her third enemy that fateful day. From her toes to the last reddish hair on her head, Linda burned, her wet skin reddening under the assault of Zafira, under the eyes of Bella Oswald, the lascivious, fetishistic owner of Bird Hotel.

Finally, Linda’s tears escaped from her eyes, a scream going up her throat before being spit on the nibbled thigh of Zafira. The orgasm had arrived! “Shit! she howled, Zafira joining her scream with her own curse, Bella connected to both young women through the camera. The three girls came in unison, their empathic connection detonating in liquid resolution, an alignment of planets that few people could dream of.

“Fucking ginger!” the brunette croaked, her pussy throbbing, spitting cum against Linda’s hot nipple, against her shaking B-cup breast. She couldn’t believe it, but it was happening again. Her sexual strength escaped through her cunt in another frustrating tie, another simultaneous orgasm with another woman challenging her sexual abilities, their physical and mental femininity, her determination to dominate and fuck.

With the wound bleeding out her pride as a woman, Zafira pushed Linda abruptly, throwing her out of bed. The exhausted redhead’s body fell sharply to the floor, causing Bella to jump out of her chair. Damn, this is getting out of hand, she thought, knowing that if a catfight broke out in the room, she would have to intervene.

Linda, however, lay on the floor, panting like a fish out of the water before she was able to talk. “Next time, you brunette bitch, I’ll fuck your pathetic clit with mine. It’s a promise.”

From the bed, Zafira felt her eyelids become too heavy. The exhaustion after the long, sexual day began to take its toll. “You can’t keep that promise, Linda,” she mumbled. “Clit to clit, I’ll beat you…”

The fatigue took the naked bodies of the women as they fell Bella, unable to believe what she had just seen, sat back in the chair. Horny, she brought her fingers again on her crotch, insatiable and wet…


4:40 p. m.
Nightclub Vertigo, Gaugamela Avenue

Techno music reverberated on the dance floor, people moving their bodies to the beat of the melody with passion and spirit in vein. Vertigo was no ordinary nightclub: it was the place of the lost, the desperate, the escapist of the world; Anni Fox’s dungeon, the gorgeous, desired brown-eyed brunette who molded the city from the shadows with her influence on politicians and bankers.

No matter what time of day or night, Vertigo was always open to whomever needed it… just like Anni. At that time, Anais Sharp, the mayor’s attractive 24-year-old daughter, needed both; in the club’s VIP room, she was panting on the carpet, the powerful Anni humping on her in the last seconds of a sex marathon. Anais’s orgasmic howl — the fourth in just under an hour— was choked by music.

“So, Anais,” Anni said to her prey, a wolf-like smile illuminating her sweaty face. “Will you talk to your father about that?”

“Yes…” That’s all the blonde could say. “He’ll do what you want…”

“Good.” The beautiful brunette rose up, spectacularly naked, her curves dazzling after sex. Covering her body in a soft silk robe, Anni peered out onto the small balcony of the room, from which she controlled the rest of the club. Immediately, two girls attracted her attention. “Well, well, look at those two… I think the day is getting interesting…”


Jarushka and Miky asked for their whiskies, the blue eyes of the beauties still avoiding each other, how they had done since they had met at the entrance of the club.

“We’ll always have Vertigo, right?” Miky said. The waitress served their drinks at that time, and the brunette grabbed her with some anxiety. “Thank you, Betty.”

“You’re welcome, hottie,” the waitress answered, taking a quick look at Jarushka. The way the blonde returned her gaze, Miky suspected there was a problem between them.

“Yeah, we’ll always have Vertigo,” the painter grunted softly, aware of how true her words were. She would always have nightclub Vertigo when she needed it… but there was also another kind of vertigo that was starting to settle in her life. First Linda, then Zafira… and now Miky, with whom for some strange reason I couldn’t connect today. Is everything that’s been going on lately affecting me?

The blonde finished her whiskey in just a few seconds. Surprised with herself, she observed how her lover had the same thing with her drink.

“Any problems you’re drowning in alcohol, Miky?” she asked.

“I could ask you the same thing, bitch.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Miky apologized. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I’m in a bad mood.”

“Well, don’t take it out on me, babe,” Jarushka snarled. “I came here to fuck, not to put up with your shit.”

“Oh, shut up, blondie. What do you think I came here for? Of course, I’m not meeting you for your interesting talks.”

“You’re a whore, Miky.”

At this point in the day, none of them were surprised at how fast everything was happening. Their pussies throbbed, eager to overcome the frustration dragged along the day, and the brunette and the blonde were more than willing to give their crotches everything they asked for.

“Well, you cocky slut, shall we fuck?”

“Oh, yeah, let’s fuck, you cheap cunt.”

From the top of the club, Anni Fox smiled. She didn’t need to hear anything, because the girls’ faces and gestures said it all.

“Sex moves the world,” she said to herself, grabbing her two fat, firm tits underneath the robe. “And those two women are gonna move it here and now.” Anni licked her lips, watching as Miky and Jarushka headed for the ladies’ room.

Anais appeared beside her, still exhausted. Her green eyes followed the look of her mistress.

“Fifty bucks on the brunette,” Anni told her.

“Fifty on the blonde,” the mayor’s daughter replied.


It looked like two wild animals had possessed the girls. Like a hungry lioness, Jarushka practically ripped Miky’s clothes from her body with her claws as her blonde mane shook in the air. In front of her, a human-shaped panther pulled out of Jarushka’s blouse and skirt, Miky’s fingernails tearing between roars of lust. The mouths of the lovers collided together in a kiss that was more an interchange of sharp bites than carnal love between women. Miky’s hands grabbed Jarushka’s now bare big tits, pinching her thick nipples as the blonde grabbed the firm and exposed buttocks of the brunette to bring their crotches into tight, wet contact. With the panties finally falling to the floor, the women began to rub their angry cunts together, the walls of the small bathroom compartment barely able to contain so much sexual appetite.

“I hate your boobs, Zafira,” Miky spat between bites and bites, her mind and her grudge against her girlfriend playing tricks on her before she bowed her head to start to lick the blonde’s fat breasts.

“Zafira? I’m not your stupid girlfriend!” Jarushka grunted, panting under the oral assault. Her nipples were nibbled, her areolas kissed, Miky’s hungry mouth moving from one tit to another as the two warriors’ Venus mounds collided together over and over again.

“Right, bitch!” the brunette grunted. “You’re not her, you’re worse!”

“Is that why you called me to fuck you, whore?”

“You called me! It’s your girlfriend who can’t fuck you like I do!”

Grunting, Jarushka pushed Miky against the opposite wall of the compartment, pulling her lips and teeth away from her throbbing tits.

“I’ll show you how to fuck!” she cried, her fingers abruptly penetrating her lover’s wet pussy just as they had penetrated Linda’s cunt hours before. Miky howled with pain and pleasure, and returned the assault by inserting two fingers, then three, into Jarushka’s pussy.

“Take this, blondie!” Miky snorted.

“You take this, brunette!” her rival said. “And this!”

In revenge, Jarushka plunged her face into Miky’s beautiful bustline, her teeth hooking one of the erect nipples like a predator over her longed-for prey. The brunette moaned, and quickly returned the attack, biting back and licking the boobs of the other beauty. 

As shocks of sexual bliss flooded their bodies, the girls could no longer hold their stance. Falling to the ground, the females refused to retreat and held on to their double hot offensive, attacking pussies and tits with all the erotic power they could muster. Miky remembered her first night with Jarushka, that night in the backseat of her car, with her and the blonde doing exactly what they were doing now. Then, there had been no hatred or rancor between them; now, it was impossible to leave behind everything that had been going on between them for months. Growing animosity filled Miky with murderous lust, a feeling that she had to satisfy whatever it took.

Suddenly, club music invaded the lady’s room for a few seconds. Paralyzed, the girls heard someone close the front door and move through the bathroom, just beyond the compartment door where they fought. They weren’t alone! With their fingers dipped in the other cunt, Jarushka and Miky lifted their faces, traces of saliva gleaming in the enemy breasts as the girls’ blue eyes watched each other. Instinctively, the blonde twisted one of her fingers,soft moan from Miky; with an angry look, the brunette replicated slightly scratching at Jarushka’s vaginal walls, and now it was the blonde who moaned quietly. Aware that they would be discovered if they continued like this, but determined not to stop the confrontation, the girls looked at each other and accepted an agreement without words as they locked their mouths together to drown out any sound.

Outside, someone was retouching her makeup before the mirror, unconscious of what was going on just two meters from her. The lovers’ lips moved up and down, one side and the other, rubbing together in a kiss that immediately let out the avid tongues. Snake against snake, they got stuck in a complicated knot of sensibility and muscle, an erotic test of strength from which both amazons were sure to emerge victorious. Down below, Jarushka grabbed Miky’s wrist and tugged her fingers out of her pussy while abandoning the assault on the brunette’s sex.

After months of fucking the blonde, Miky knew what the other woman wanted to do. Without stopping kissing her, she readjusted her body on the narrow battlefield, her ass and hips crashing into the walls of the compartment while she opened her legs to receive Jarushka’s cunt against hers. Scissoring each other, the couple began to hump, their wet and hot labia getting entangled in the battle that would solve who was in charge that day. Blonde versus brunette, they grabbed the other ass and, overwhelmed by lack of space, they insisted on her assault in almost complete silence, the woman outside still too close to allow a single gasp of pleasure to escape from between her lips.

And yet, the contact between their most intimate parts incited them to push faster, more vigorously. Fighting her lover and the tightness of the narrow compartment, Jarushka felt Miky’s burning cunt squeezing against her own, rubbing it, seducing it in an insistent friction, in a chaos of folds that awakened her long clit. Against her private anatomy, something thick also emerged: the magnificent clit of Miky, the spear that the sexy blonde had enjoyed so much in the past, now it declared itself as Jarushka’s biggest threat.

After a rough bite on Miky’s lower lip, Jarushka moved her mouth closer to the brunette’s ear, the steps of the woman from the outside still lurking nearby. “Do you remember our first time?” she whispered in a voice so low that even Miky could barely hear her. “When we brought our clits together in your car.”

Miky gasped, surprised and excited, knowing that the blonde was thinking about the same night she was thinking. “Yeah, I remember perfectly well,” she answered in Jarushka’s ear. “I remember bending your weak clit with mine until I pushd an orgasm from you.”

“What a bad memory you have, bitch,” the blonde snarled. “My fat clit crushed yours… and now it’s gonna do the same thing. You’re gonna come like never before.”

“Try it, you dirty cunt.”

None of them had to wait too long. Their clits rubbed each other, almost on their own initiative, and a double groan of wicked pleasure sounded beyond the compartment. Outside, the woman’s footsteps stopped, as if she had heard something.

“Quiet, bitch,” Miky whispered.

“Speak for yourself, sow,” Jarushka replied.

“Come here,” the brunette gasped, again pushing her lips against the blonde’s mouth, closing them together in a kiss that was now a secondary battlefield. Between the girls’ intertwined legs, hidden from view, their crotches crashed, massaged, humped, their thick clits licking each other like tongues in heat.

The duel continued with surgical precision for several minutes. Almost without space, the females occasionally leaned their feet against the walls to readjust their positions, their legs intertwined like war boas. The lady’s room door opened and closed, women coming in and out, ignorant of what was going on in that closed compartment, noisy music invading the place for a few seconds that blonde and brunette took advantage of to shout insults, to humiliate with words the clit of her enemy-lover.

“You’re gonna learn to respect me, you fucking cunt!” Jarushka howled one of the times.

“Your ugly clit is mine, you cheap bitch!” Miky shouted another time.

Barely being able to withstand the heated sensations that ran through her naked body, Miky ended up leaning backwards. Moving her firm, hard tits away from Jarushka’s incredible pair, the blue-eyed brunette tried to look for more pussy pressure, hoping to throw her rival past the orgasm. Jarushka followed her game, increasing the tempo as she fixed her eyes narrowly into the woman staring at her on the other side of their connected wet bodies.

Without their mouths blocked, their gasps could no longer be concealed, but fate helped them in that final sprint: someone left the bathroom door open, and the music flooded the environment just as the feminine smell of sex, sweat and hate flooded the compartment.

“Whore!” both yelled at each other at the same time, and the pressure between pussies, between hard, long clits increased. The women’s abdomens rippled as their cunts fought, their reddened boobs bouncing while an orgasm that plunged its roots into the girls’ dirty encounters with their girlfriends that morning threatened to tear them apart from within.

Hell, no, not again! Jarushka sobbed inside her head, Miky’s eyes also filled with tears in front of her. She hadn’t been able to beat Zafira, she hadn’t been able to defeat Linda… and now Miky was going to finish her? Never! she said to herself, seeing the same doubts, the same fear in the gaze of the brunette.

Clit to clit, hate to hate, Jarushka and Miky felt the pleasure and tension building up in their bodies, their stiff s crashing like fencing swords full of female juices in what was the ultimate assault.

“No, no, no, no! Not again!” Miky started moaning, closing her eyes. “I’m going to beat you, blondie, like I should have done the others.”

Jarushka twisted her gesture, overwhelmed by the burning in her crotch, the last corner of her mind listening to Miky’s words. What the fuck was she talking about? she wondered, her clit jamming with the spear of the brunette for the umpteenth time. Is it possible that…?

She couldn’t finish the thought. Like a broken dam, her sexual defenses exploded into pieces, and a hot orgasm erupted from between her legs. On the other side, Miky exploded in her own climax, and the sticky juices of the females mingled in a final competition over who flooded and who was flooded. Falling on their backs, the girls continued to tremble, their sexes still burning, still overexcited. Before they could avoid it, a second clitorian orgasm, even more intense then the first, detonated with cruelty, and the couple shouted against the music.

Two minutes later, maybe three, it was all over. Or maybe not. The beauties’ phones started ringing, their girlfriends impatient for a date that had to clarify what the hell was going on there.


A new night was coming, and the city was preparing for its mantle of darkness and stars. In the west, the sun was falling, and a dazzling full moon began to appear in the sky. The bright day star had watched four women’s lives change forever… but it would be she, the silvery queen of the night, who would witness the resolution.

This is the story of Zafira Blundchen, Miky Love, Jaruskha Ross and Linda Sweet, four beautiful young women drifting in an ocean of jealousy and passion, trapped in the webs of fate, poison and sex as a … But it’s much more: this is the story of Julia Schikwa, Bella Oswald, Anni Fox… the story of many women who know what is at stake when other women threatened their position. This is just a story of many, in a world where women fight in a way that only a few lucky men know.

And this is its conclusion… for now.


7:27 p. m.
Happy Garden, Waterloo Street

The cafeteria of the Happy Garden Women’s Spa was empty at that time of the day. Linda and Jarushka were sitting at a table on the terrace, the afternoon sun shining in their eyes as it fell across the horizon, searching for the other side of the world. The girls had barely exchanged words in minutes, the unfinished meeting in the alley still burning in their memories with frustration and anger.

“Oh, here are my favorite girls.” Nico, the attractive waiter in the cafeteria, appeared next to them. Linda twisted her gesture, the man as a reminder of everything that had gone wrong between her and Jarushka from the first moment, when before becoming lovers they had competed for Nico’s love.

“Hi, Nico,” the redhead greeted. “I want the usual.”

“Me too,” the blonde said.

“Okay, two protein shakes coming right up.” the man smiled. “Today you’re not talkative, huh?” Nobody answered him, a dense atmosphere surrounding the trio. “Well… I’ll be right back.”

For two full minutes, there was only silence and intense glances. In the end, their shakes arrived, and the chocolate and banana mix filled the girls’ throats.

“You’re fucking another woman, right?” When they were spit, Linda’s words were direct, and Jarushka felt them like a knife in the darkness stabbing the truth.

“No,” the tattooed blonde answered. In her head, she said herself that she wasn’t lying: after all, she wasn’t fucking another woman… but women. “And you? Are you cheating on me with some bitch?”

“No.” The same lie hidden in a truth.

“Then why are you acting like a whore?”

“I was gonna ask you the exact same question, cunt.”

“Oh, you…” Jarushka had to shut up. To her surprise, Zafira arrived in the cafeteria at that very moment… and she wasn’t alone. Miky was standing next to her, but it looked like she was miles away from her girlfriend. The two brunettes sat at the next table, for now without noticing the presence of the other couple. The blonde’s heart beat strongly as she felt the tension between the other women.

Linda noticed Jarushka’s gaze and, looking over her shoulder, she saw the brunettes. Something tightened in her body, and the tension seemed to leap to the other table, where Zafira and Miky turned their faces toward the redheaded and the blonde. Looks of surprise, jealousy, hatred and rivalry turned the Happy Garden into a Garden of the Cold War; even the usually cheerful Nico served two more special shakes to the newcomers before taking refuge inside the cafeteria, as if a nuclear bomb was going to explode right there at any moment.

“Can you stop looking at those sluts?” Zafira scolded her partner, even while she could not stop looking at the blonde and the redhead.

“Look who speaks!” Miky replied angrily. “What’s up, do you like any of those whores?”

“Why are those bitches looking at you so much, Linda?” Jarushka growled, looking over her shoulder at Zafira and Miky. 

“You’re the one who doesn’t take your eyes off of them, you sow,” the redhead said. “Do you want to fuck them too, blondie?”

There it was, the nuclear explosion. The accusations flew from one to the other, the increasingly violent gestures threatening the eruption of a public fight, the fingers pointing accusingly while the eyes, full of hatred and contempt, looked at the irritated females of the other table. Tension and jealousy accumulated during months had been irrigated that same day with the dirty water of the competition; the lack of answers filled the female pride with anger, and the women’s egos found themselves demanding a solution to all that. Crotches throbbed, screaming without words that they could overcome adversity and prove who was the mistress there, it didn’t matter if during the long day they had failed in that purpose. Sex had started all this mess, and sex would end it.

“Nico!” Zafira said at last, getting up offended. Watching the man peering through the door of the cafeteria, she waved her hair in the air with pride. “Talk to your boss Sonia. Tell her we want one of the more secluded rooms. In fact, make that the quiet photoshoot room.” 

“For how many people?” Nico asked.

The brunette’s green eyes observed the other three beauties, one by one, in defiance. “For four… and for right now…”

***This hot female rivalry continues in the video 
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