Mother Vs Daughter Final sexfight

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Daughter Alyssia is cheating her own mother Amirah with her mom’s husband.
Alyssia is her stepfather’s mistress.
When Amirah understand that her own daughter cheats her with her stepdad,
mother Amirah calls her daughter and suggess a sexfight duel and challenges her badass daughter Alyssia to a no-rules sexfight, telling her that her husband will watch their fight,
he will be the witness of their sexfight duel.
The evil badass daughter agrees to a 5 orgasms sexfight duel, and they agree on the location and time. Only the better will win.The sexfight includes:Pussy rubbing
Pussy Licking
Double Dildo
Active foot worship
Nipple biting
Video Information:
Lenght: 20:05 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 19.99€

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Defeated Sexfight

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