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If you have seen their first encounter, you know that Angel is quite the escape artist. Everytime Ivana is close to make her cum, Angel finds a way to escape her tormentor. In fact, she was able to turn the tables quite a few time and made Ivana came instead!

This time however, no escaping allowed. So the girls go at it untill they orgasm. Upto the end, till the last girl standing.

Both blondes seem ready for the challenge.

The start of slowly with some kissing.

But Ivana quickly escalates the situation as she attacks Angel from behind.

Angel will not let herself get defeated that easily, she starts her own counter attack on Ivana.

To get better access to each others love holes, panties are removed, and fingers vigurously rub clits and pussies.

Who is going to pop first? The camera close ups are amazing to enjoy details like their facial expressions.

There is no escape, so one is going to give…

After that amazing start, the girls continue in 69. And they keep the pace up.

Both girls are amazing with their tongues.

Angel starts to taste her sweet victory.

As her opponent can no longer control her burning eruption.

If you thought the 69 was over, you’re wrong. To prevent either girl from escaping, the girls are in a double body scissors.

I have never seen a more beautiful Yin Yang picture in my life.

Both girls know to find the right spot.

Causing undeniable feelings flowing through their bodies.

Fingers going deep into wet pussies.

Irresistable sensations as result.

After that round, their pussies were so hot for each other, that the 2 blondes could no longer hold to smash them together.

All this pussy rubbing got them so aroused that the girls could help but to rub their own tits.

Did I said rub, Ivana got so aroused that she squeezed hers so hard!

Both girls trying to hold on a little longer. See how Angel tries to regulate her breathing, and how Ivana had to bite her lip to keep herself from loosing

Angel is having it difficult, and bites her lip to control herself. But she is not having it as difficult as Ivana.

I don’t usually want to spoiler the scenes by telling who came or won. But this part was so beautiful, I would love to share it with you. Because Ivana could not hold herself any longer, and was about to erupt again. She feels how her orgasm builts up inside of her…

How it reaches the point of no return…
To finally explode in a massively overwhelming orgasm!
She can’t barely comprehend what just happened.
I think she feels mad how her body betrayed her.

Angry as she probably felt, she went for the offensive, as she got the top position in yet another 69.
Licking every last drop out of her opponent…
Only to have her enemy suck the last drop out of her…
These girls don’t give up. Not after orgasm after orgasm. They continue to grind on each other.
Trying to find that edge over her nemesis.

Rubbing just that tiny bit harder and faster than the other.

Trying to hold on just that moment longer.
Just that one second more, to feel your opponents juices squirt onto your own pussy.
Her contractions pushing you finally over the edge

Only a micro second later.

Or was it you who came just moments before your opponent? I really couldn’t tell. All I saw was an amazing simultaneous orgasm happening between 2 changevery aroused girls…
It was such a hot scene. On screen you can even see that both girls realized what just happened and had a moment with each other.

But these girls would not settle for a draw. Although near exhaustion, they would continued their onslaught on each others body. Thrusting into pussy.

Only to find that pussy thrusting back just as hard into yours.

Bodies clinging to each other

Back and forth it goes.

Fighting for supremacy. Fighting sensations.
Fucking and being fucked.
Sensing how your opponent starts loosing control.

Feeling how she clings on for dear life, not to cum.
Untill she finally can’t keep it in any longer, and with a scream releases herself into you.
And finally savor the victory and tease her sensitive clit.
Only to find her clit to regain her strength, while your pussy is still near the peak from the last round!

In her weakened state, it’s easy for you to gain the top position.
Thrusting into your opponent turns her on so much. But at the same time your own pussy is still sensitive from her last attack.

You position to ride her clit as hard as you would ride a hard cock.
You feel that she is near, but at the same time another orgasm of your own is boiling up. Can you get her over the edge before she does it to you?

With all your might you try to hold on, but so does she! The last few thrusts was too much for the both of you, and a final orgasm drains the reserve energy out of each other.
Exhausted the 2 fighters lay side by side.

Is there a last girl standing or is this a draw?

Special thanks to Sffan4e who wrote this script and preview.

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