Oil Sexfight – Blanche Revenge – Squirting Included!



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PREVIOUSLY IN THE FIRST EPISODE: Sweet Cat and Blanche faced themselves in a furious oil sexfight to prove who is the hottest and strongest blonde in the realm of Defeated Sexfight. The fight was truly intense and full of body shaking orgasms for both girls, but Sweet Cat was dominated and fucked so hard by Blanche that she totally lost control of herself and couldn’t stop cumming and squirting everywhere while her pussy was getting finger fucked without mercy to the next orgasm. In the end Blanche totally destroys Sweet Cat to the point she can’t even move anymore or so it seems apparently, because with a sudden feline move Sweet Cat grabs Blanche by her perfect oiled hips back on the floor to give her a taste of her own medicine, finger fucking Blanche while holding her in place so hard until she cums twice and super hard in a row! Enjoying the last thrills of pleasure, Blanche makes a promise to Sweet Cat: she will get her revenge for this!
Here we are again now: Sweet Cat and Blanche are facing each other, naked once again and with their perfect sculpted bodies covered in oil from head to toes, and they are already kissing extremely passionately, sucking each other’s tongues, their gorgeous eyes filled with lust looking into each other and their war juicy pussies already dripping for the sexual excitement.
Will Blanche be able to get her revenge for what Sweet Cat did to her after she totally dominated her last time? Or will Sweet Cat be the one this time who will totally annihilate Blanche to the point she will beg her to stop fucking her?
What happens in this match goes beyond any wildest fantasy you could ever have about these two perfect blonde angels together in oil.
Kissing in the beginning is full of passion and utter excitement, with a lot of wet and dirty tongue sucking and swirling. Both girls are determined to transform this fight into a true war and fuck the opponent to oblivion. They trash talk to each other telling some very filthy and explicit stuff, Sweet cat even reminds Blanche about her humiliating and total defeat again Nicole in another match, where she was fucked to oblivion and mercilessly dominated. Their lust just keeps on growing uncontrollably to the point of no return.
Both Sweet Cat’s and Blanche’s pussies are already dripping juices on each other’s oiled thighs. Pussy juices, oil and drool are mixing together on the girls’ bodies, an intense smell of sex and lust immediately drenches the air. Their sexual excitement is filling their hot bodies already to the point where it can’t be contained anymore and it’s only a matter of seconds before one of them or both will totally lose control!
The tension is stellar, both Sweet Cat and Blanche are extremely horny and their bodies are so aroused that even a soft blow of air could drive them crazy: their nipples are hard like nails, goosebumps of lust are covering their whole bodies, their hips are humping onto each other already, their pussies are opening while drooling sticky juices and their clits are even harder than their nipples, popping out from their pussies as the oil is amplifying every single sensation and touch twice as intense!
This moment is crucial as it could determine who will be the winner of this fight alredy: they have to control their own lust while driving their opponent’s beyond the edge and keeping control over themselves. Who loses control and surrenders to lust first could not be able to regain control after a huge body shaking orgasm.
They are like two slingers facing each other at the main road while waiting for noon, but Sweet Cat and Blanche are both fighting the urge to surrender to lust while also doing all they can to push the other one beyond the edge. And so it happens! One of the girls takes advantage of the other’s lust, jumping on her while grabbing her neck firmly and shoving two fingers deep inside her pussy to fuck her without mercy!

Soon lust takes over and one of the girls can’t do anything else but submit to her utter sexual excitement while her pussy gets finger fucked deep and faster. She tries to fight back but is impossible: it feels too good, pleasure is sending irresistible thrills across her whole perfect oiled body and in less than one second she totally loses control of herself so hard and bad that she explodes in a huge body shaking squirting orgasm which floods the entire mat with warm juices!
The sweet pussy nectar which just squirted out from that epic orgasm is already covering both girls bodies. The smell of sex and excited dripping pussies is now filling the whole room, creating a warm and sticky moisture which is dirtying both girls bodies and the mat! They are both horny as hell and watching her opponent cum and squirt so hard just drove also the girl in advantage unexpectedly out of control! Blanche and Sweet Cat starts to kiss wild and dirty into the puddle of squirt, getting dirtier and dirtier as they kiss and suck their tongue more and more. The more they get dirty and messy in squirt, the more they suck tongues and drool all over themselves. It’s an infinite loop of lust and it can’t be stopped anymore!
Warm pussy juices are flowing in rivers in between the girls’ legs. Their tongues and mouths are having an orgy on their own, while their bodies keeps on rubbing and
humping with excitement and desire aided by the warm lubrication of the oil and the pussy juices right below Blanche’s perfect ass. Lust is unbearable, they can’t control themselves anymore and they are literally both into another world now. That unexpected squiring orgasm made them both so utterly horny that the fight to prove who is the best blonde was soon forgot. The only thing Sweet Cat and Blanche could think about in that intense moment of passion was fucking each other senseless and so they did!
The competition soon felt like a distant memory and without even caring about the crew filming them, Sweet cat and Blanche stopped fighting each other and be to fuck themselves furiously!
Mercilessly finger fucking their pussies to true body bending orgasms, which only
made them even hornier rather than spent!
Orgasms are flowing one after the other and they don’t stop, no matter how hard they keep cumming, they just keep on fucking and cumming over and over!
When they are done finger fucking their pussies, they immediately entwine their long gorgeous legs to push their already swollen and sensitive pussies lips to lips to trib even harder and faster, until they both explode really loud!
There is no rest other than for swirling and sucking tongues as furiously as they just fucked and came, in an orgy of drool and sensual body stroking as the oil makes everything much hotter and intimate.
And it doesn’t take long until they are both filling up their pussies with fingers, fucking each other like there is no tomorrow to true mindblowing orgasms in much more creative positions!
VERY creative and kinky positions your eyes won’t believe! Positions in which they will both end up screaming and trembling while succumbing to extreme orgasms!
Their tongues are thirsty for each other’s, almost having a will on their own and having sex by themselves, as Blanche and Sweet Cat just keep on fucking their pussies without mercy to epic orgasms. This whole scene is a wild orgy between every single part of their amazing bodies!
Tribbing starts to get extremely creative and kinky as well as their red swollen pussies keeps on rubbing against each other, faster and harder mixing pussies juices, cream, sweat and oil all together in between their legs until they explode uncontrollably again for who knows many times now! They just keep on getting dirtier and hornier as they cum and cum!
I dare you to keep the count of orgasms they had so far! Lust reached unbelievable levels for both Sweet Cat and Blanche and where anyone else would’ve already collapsed long ago, they just keep on fucking themselves switching from tribbing to mutual finger fucking. Filling both their pussies with two fingers, so deep and stroking their most sensitive spots harder and harder as their perfect bodies are overwhelmed by indescribable sensations!
Just look at their wonderful eyes: you can see a pure primal lust blazing inside, continuously feeding itself with the other girl’s lust. They are breathing fast, they came and came without stopping, dirtying that mat even more with pussy juices and drool, drenching the air with the smell of their excited pussies leaking juices as they get closer and closer. This brief moment of pause feels almost eternal while they are looking at each other with such lust filled eyes, both for us watching and for them, but in reality it lasts only a few seconds. Only a moment later their unstoppable lust takes over once again as they keep on fucking even harder than they already did so far!
So they start again and even harder than ever before! They are now both pushing their perfect amazing bodies beyond any limit but they don’t even care! They just
keep on tribbing harder as they are immediately overwhelmed by an almost painful pleasure. Their pussies are so red they almost seems on fire! Their bodies are on the verge of collapsing for the extreme pleasure but they can’t stop, they just want to cum and cum, no matter if pleasure is slowly becoming too much to handle for their senses. Those intense and new overwhelming sensations sent by their spent bodies and red swollen pussies aren’t stopping them, but just making them even hornier and hungrier for an epic final explosion! Both Sweet cat and Blanche are on the verge of losing senses as they keep on tribbing even harder.
Sweet Cat can already feel an unbearable orgasm making it’s way from her deeper womb and sending uncontrollable burning thrills to her juicy thighs. Blanche is just a step beyond Sweet Cat and as they keep on going on and on, literally struggling to prevent themselves from passing out for the extreme pleasure, until they finally explode almost together in a final orgasmic apocalypse filled with screams of utter pleasure as their oiled bodies are twitching uncontrollably!
In the end they both finally collapse, totally spent and trembling on the floor like flags at the mercy of the wind, both covered in oil, drool and pussy juices which are still dripping and flowing in rivers out from their red pussies. You won’t believe how red and messy their pussies are looking after all this. Even if they decided to stop fighting and just fuck, this was a true war in every sense for their now overwhelmed senses and bodies. Admiring them like this, naked, spent and dirty on the floor after cumming beyond any human limit and to the verge of losing senses, is a truly wonderful and indescribable view. This really deserves to be witnessed as words will never match the experience you would get with your own eyes!
As more pussy juices keeps on flowing in between their legs, Sweet cat and Blanche are slowly recovering and gathering some of their breath back. They try to get up sitting and facing each other again. Any rivalry is gone, any conflict is forgotten and far behind this incredible moment of pure primal lust and wild hardcore sex they just shared together. They are sharing sweet words and passionate kisses again. Sweet cat tells Blanche with sparkling eyes that she loved having sex with her instead of fighting and she also confesses her that she would love to have sex again later without indiscreet eyes enjoying the show, hopefully in a much more romantic place where they can go on without stopping for all night long!
With one last shining smile, Sweet Cat tells Blanche she is going to take a shower and then they will leave together to continue their night of passion.

But are we really
sure Blanche just gave up on her revenge on Sweet Cat? Has she really forgot what Sweet Cat did to her in the previous match, even after having such wild and passionate hardcore sex with her? Has Blanche decided to forgive Sweet cat once and for all or was this just a well planned strategy to strike on Sweet Cat’s back while she doesn’t expects it at all and punish her with something really humiliating she won’t forget so easily?

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