Oil Sexfight – Sweetcat Vs Blanche Bradburry – Lots of squirting included!


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Sweet Cat and Blanche are completely naked and facing each other while standing on their feet, ready to fight. They get closer and start to kiss very passionately while caressing their naked bodies.
The kissing starts already very intense with lot of tongue swirling and tongue sucking by both girls. During the kissing the girls also grabs their asses and spread it, showing their pussies thru the cheeks
Then they both become incredibly horny and their hands moves in between their legs on the pussies.


After some very short but intense vigorous rubbing the both fuck their pussies with two fingers  and starts to finger fuck on the g spot each other.
The g spot finger fucking gets much harder and faster and they will keep on doing it until one of them cums very very hard first:  Sweet Cat cum and squirts.



The match equally aggressively, the tribbing is very very hard and fast, with both girls aiming to make the other one cum without mercy.

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Both g spot finger fucking and tribbing are extremely hard and intense, culminating in very hard orgasms.

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Both girls will be teased very hard to the very edge of orgasm, booth with g spot finger fucking and tribbing.
During finger fucking, the girl on top will stop while keeping her fingers inside the opponents g spot, massaging it incredibly slowly and making her beg to cum
Both Sweet Cat and Blanche should get teased extremely hard and then made to cum after some very intense frustration.
Tease and Denial will always end with orgasm after some hard begging!

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