Older Wife Vs Younger Mistress Sexfight



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Vicky Love finds out her rich husband is cheating on her, fucking with a much younger girl, so the older, jealous cheated wife Vicky calls her husband´s young mistress Aislin and challenges her to a no-rules 5-rounds sexfight duel, with him watching the fight and being witness of their sexfight duel.

Vicky suggests a 5-rounds-orgasm sexfight until the loser has too many orgasms in front of her husband and is defeated, the woman who comes more often and has more orgasms during their 5-rounds-orgasm sexfight competition will lose…
Vicky asks young mistress Aislin to be in her house at 6 and each woman should dress up as sexy as possible for their duel, free choice of clothing…

Aislin agrees and tells the older poor cheated wife she will come to the cheated wife´s house at 6, then Aislin hangs up…

The sexfight will follow, including:

Nipple play
Pussy licking

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