The orgasm – pass out Pill Sexfight

pass out pill sexfight
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Rules: Each woman takes a special pill that makes them pass out every time they orgasm.
Then they have a Best of 9 Falls Sexfight and Knockout Match.
Winner of each fall must:
Get her opponent to have an orgasm any way she can!
Facesit the loser!
A little kiss goodnight!
Victory pose the loser!
Girls do not like each other. Lady Dee is the arrogant newcomer.
Vanessa is the confident veteran. Lady Dee wants to make a name for herself by humiliating Vanessa.
Vanessa wants to put this rookie in her place. They both want to prove who is the better woman!
Content Information:
Type of fight: Fantasy Sexfight
Victory pose: Many
Finisher humiliation: Pussy licking
Video Information:
Lenght: 37:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
Price: 29.99€



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