Ride for pride



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Katy Rose is training Victorya Sweet to become a better bjj fighter.
Suddenly, Victorya taps out and the girls stand up facing each other.
Katy is pissed off, as Victorya is not applying and making enough efforts.
Her motto and her only belief is just one: “If you want to be the champion, you have to dominate your opponent.”
And it goes without saying that domination has to be not only physically but also mentally.

Katy wants to give to Victorya a lesson that she will remember.
So, she shows her how to do that.
“Put your hands on your side and push your cunt forward. Look into your opponent’s eyes like your going to fuck her up.”
Only thing is, that “Professor Katy” is not going to explain this lesson only at the blackboard. She is going to show that for real.

In fact, Katy closes the distance and the girls are standing toe to toe. Katy starts to get into Victorya’s mind by trash talking.
The only way to stop her is to put something in her mouth.
So, Victorya does not have any to shield herself except by starting kissing Katy.
Eyes to eyes, they stare each other without looking away, as they both don’t want to show any sign of weakness.

It looks like the pupil understood fast how to behave.
Deep inside, Katy is satisfied, as Victorya is now learning correctly the lesson.
But Katy is not determined to give up. Never, as she trained herself for years, to be toughest one.
She is determined to show Victorya how an alpha woman, an authentic winner, gives pleasure.
Both of them are now sexfighting at the same level, choosing different complex positions for tribbing, and using also a strapon dildo.
Both of them ride each other in various ways, they ride for their pride.

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