Sexfight Competition – Photoshoot double Booked – Match 1


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Gala is reading a science fiction magazine, while waiting for the photographer of SF Fan Forever Magazine to arrive.
Little did she know that another model, Alexa, shortly arrives after her.

Both girls think that they got double booked for this Science Fiction photoshoot. And it didn’t take long for the girls to start arguing who is worthy to stay and who should leave.

Soon enough things escalates and the girls try to prove to the other who is the better woman.

Both want the assignment, but both also realize and they can’t do the photoshoot when they’re bruised and scratched from a catfight. So they almost naturtally slipped into a sexfight.

Both so eager to defeat the other, both trying so hard, that they actually came together!

The 2 Spanish models seems really equal! At first I thought Gala would overwhelm Alexa. Boy was I wrong! Alexa appeared after her match with Sweetcat to have become quite the stamina sexfighter.
After that orgasm, the girls seemed thirsty for each others juices. Licking up all that delicious cum…

But to finish the job, the girls once again use their expert fingers on each ohters pussy.

Unable to have a decisive defeat after that round, they decide to settle it woman to woman! If looks could kil…

Both girls try so hard to fuck her opponent in submission.

So hard, that they couldn’t control themselves any longer…

But if you think these girls were going to settle for a draw, than you are very wrong! They both want this job so very bad, that they try to destroy the other.
This is one of my most back and forth AND persistant custom videos. Both girls try to fuck her nemesis into submission.

But like I said, it’s so back and forth. Gala saw she got Alexa on the verge into cumming into her pussy, that she pushed even harder.

But Alexa would not back down after her orgasm. Instead she kept on fucking her enemy.

It didn’t matter to her that she came again.

Because even when she came, she still kept on fucking into Gala untill she joined her in an orgasm too.

But the same counted for Gala, because she would not stop grinding her moist twat into Alexa’s wet pussy with all she got.

Not even if that meant she came again.

These girls keep on fucking, it didn’t matter if they came or the opponent. The kept on grinding their pussies together!!

Because they know, sooner or later their opponent would come again and it might be her last one.

Back and forth this went untill…

they both came so hard into each other!

I thought this was the end of the match. But boy, do these 2 Spanish models have endurance! The still argued who won.

Both spirited ladies would not back down. This photoshoot was going to be hers!
So they continued their trib.

Back and forth it went.

First Alexa seemed to get the upperhand. But Gala would not give in and started to turn to tables.

But Alexa kept her ground and got Gala close to the edge as well.

Untill the point of no return.

And both girls came hard into each other!

After so many orgasms and such an intense sexfight, the girls needed to satisfied their thirst. And what better way than to get some delicious nectar…

From such a beautiful pink flower?

The girls were unable to settle their dispute with the fingers, tongues or pussies. So Alexa decided they should try to see who is better with the double headed dildo.

And so they connected their love holes with this vibrant red dildo.

Although this is mainly a test of their pussy strenght, they occasionally used their fingers on each ohters clit. Trying to gain the advantage. That little bit of extra that might push her nemesis over the edge.

Like I said, both girls are so equal…

After that round, they switched into a scissors double headed dildo position.

It was a close call, but eventually Gala got the upperhand.

I usually don’t want to spoil too much who came in which round/part, but this match was such a back and forth one, that I want to show it to you.
Because Alexa would not give up after that orgasm. Even though Gala kept on fucking her pussy with the dildo. Somehow Alexa gathered her strength and took the top position.

Gala fought with all she was worth for, but eventually the continuous fucking got the better of her. Again…

But like I said, there girls are relentless. They don’t have mercy on each other. After an orgasm they just keep on fucking, neither gives their opponent the chance to catch their breath. Just going and going. I can’t believe how they did managed. It must have been sensitive as hell after so many orgasms. But they were like Duracell bunnies! They kept and kept on going…
Even after she came again, Alexa kept on fucking her. Just as well as Gala kept on fucking back into the brunette’s hot pussy.

With undeniable results for the girls.

Both girls are near exhaustion. But both would not give and kept on going, untill the last girl standing.

Who in the end do you think won? Who in the end got the assignment? Who do you think in the end is the better woman?

Thanks so much to SFFAN4E, our big fan who wrote this script and description

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