All’s fair in sexfight and war

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In fight, and especially in sexfighting, age does not matter at all. It’s all about experience, it’s all about being receptive. And if it’s easier to understand the weakest points of the opponent, it’s also easier to get faster in advantage. That’s the key factor, and that’s the difference between a weak woman and an alpha woman. Alpha women know how to give more pleasure. But they will never tell their secrets. They are born for that. They know. So, when Valentina Bianco and Lady Dee meets each other for the very first time, they both agree to a hot playful sexfight, to check how is the most experienced woman. It’s a tough fight, as they both use their best s. From tongues in 69 position, to clits in missionary tribbing position, they are both bold and eaqger to gain the comptetitor’s orgasm. War is hard and sensuous, but things get hotter as they start using a double dildo. This is the battle field where everything will be settled, once and for all. Or at least for this first voluptuous meeting.

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Lenght: 30:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
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Defeated Sexfight

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