The commander – Pushed Squirting Orgasms!



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Note from the director
This is one of the wildest action we’ve ever shoot.
The squirting orgasms was not expected even for us. We didn’t even know that Kety could squirt. Dionne knows her very well in real life so she pushed her multiple times to the hottest pushed squirting orgasms we’ve ever filmed, creating a masterpiece in this lesbian domination sexfight genre. Enjoy!
The video begins with Isabella naked, alone, looking like she is about to begin her workout. Immediately after, Isabella suddenly feels very horny and sexually excited: she moves one hand in between her legs to touch her pussy and penetrate herself with two fingers extremely deep on the g spot. The more she fucks her pussy and massages her g spot, the more extremely horny and sexually excited she becomes, until the urge to fuck herself to orgasm becomes impossible to resist. Feeling now a truly extreme urge to cum and fuck herself extremely hard, Isabella moves in another position then begins to finger fuck her pussy with the same two fingers extremely hard, deep and fast on the g spot until she totally loses control of herself and explodes in a truly hard and huge devastating orgasm. A few seconds after Isabella’s huge orgasm, both Kety and Dionne enter in the scene curious to hear what all those loud sounds were. While Kety and Dionne enters in the room, Isabella doesn’t see them at all: Isabella is still on her knees in the same position, still trembling and caressing both her rouses and her breasts, enjoying the final pleasure shivers of her orgasm. Kety goes immediately behind Isabella and pushes her with one foot on her ass, to gain her attention. Isabella is scared, surprised and shocked and totally freaks out for being caught masturbating like that by Kety, then Isabella gets up standing and covers both her breasts and pussy feeling terribly embarrassed and humiliated, but also very very angry with Kety! Kety is right in front of Isabella, while Dionne is just a few steps behind Kety laughing at the whole situation and making fun of Isabella. Kety is furious and says: “You filthy hypocritical slut!”. Dionne laughs at Isabella, mimicking a finger fucking gesture with two fingers, then Dionne says: “Feels good fucking that hole bitch? Do you want some help?” Isabella is very angry, even if very embarrassed, and answers: “What the fuck Kety, go away! This is my private workout time!” Kety goes utterly furious and super angry, then answers: “Masturbating in a public gym is workout now? This time I’ll tell everyone about your workout!” Isabella is furious, but feeling sure of herself, then answers: “No one will believe you! Everyone knows you are the bitch who fucks herself all day!”. Dionne, laughing ever harder, answers: “That’s true Kety!” Kety gets even more furious and yells to Dionne: “Shut up Dionne!”. Then Kety, being seriously angry, walks closer to Isabella in a very menacing way, pushing her on the shoulders like she want to fight and says: “What the fuck did you say? Say that again if you dare!” Isabella won’t be scared of Kety and answers very seriously: “Do you think I’m scared of you slut? Remember how I made you scream last time?” Kety spits on Isabella’s face and Isabella disgusted gives a very hard face slap to Kety. Dionne laughs even more and asks to Kety: “Did you really got fucked even by this little bitch Kety?”. Isabella then replies, making fun of Kety: “Oh yes, I fucked her in every hole with these same fingers! She couldn’t stop cumming and screaming like a dirty slut!” Dionne then answers with a superior attitude: “I did better than you! I made her squirt everywhere multiple times!”. This squirting joke makes Kety utterly super furious and extremely angry like never before. Kety immediately gives a huge slap on Dionne’s face, yelling loud: “What the fuck Dionne! I told you to stop with this disgusting lie! I’ve never squirted!” Isabella is suddenly disgusted and shocked, then answers: “So you are the ones who made that disgusting mess the other day?”. Dionne spits on Kety’s face and will grab her by hairs, answering truly furious: “You slut, I’m gonna fuck your ass for this!” Then Kety grabs Dionne by the neck very hard, while Dionne is still pulling Kety’s hairs hard. Isabella is utterly shocked and scared as hell while Kety and Dione are about to beat the hell out other. Isabella says at loud voice while beginning to walk away from the room: “You sluts are crazy! I’m gonna call the owner!” When hearing these words from Isabella, Kety and Dionne immediately stop fighting. Dionne goes extremely fast toward Isabella, grabbing her and dragging her back in the room with push. Dionne is extremely close face to face with Isabella and keeps on pushing Isabella a few times on the shoulders, also spitting on her face and on her body multiple times while also slapping Isabella hard on the face. “Who do you want to call bitch?”. Dionne slaps Isabella’s face and spit on her face again: “Are you gonna tell everyone about me fucking your asshole slut?” After Dionne pushed, slapped and spitted on Isabella, Kety grabs and blocks Isabella from behind while Dionne grabs Isabella by her neck while being face to face with her extremely close. Dionne is choking Isabella’s neck, while Kety is holding her locked in place with no chance to escape. Isabella is totally in pure panic while Dionne is covering her face with her saliva and pushing her tongue inside her mouth. Dionne suddenly pushs two fingers deep inside Isabella’s mouth to make her suck on them with really a lot of drooling and spitting. Kety meanwhile moves down on her knees in between Isabella’s legs. Kety grabs Isabella’s right foot and pushs Isabella to lift up her leg and penetrates Isabella’s pussy with two fingers extremely super deep on the g spot. Kety keeps on finger fucking Isabella extremely super hard, deep and fast with two fingers on the g spot while also licking and eating her clit until Isabella finally explodes in one of the hardest orgasms of her whole life, convulsing uncontrollably and almost falling on the floor for the extreme sexual pleasure. Even after Isabella had that huge devastating orgasm, Kety won’t stop fucking her pussy! After another second devastating orgasm, Isabella totally collapses on the floor, convulsing uncontrollably and on the verge of losing senses. Kety gets on top of Isabella to lick her neck and suck her breasts, with really a lot of drooling and spitting. Dionne is still standing, pushing
her foot’s toe inside Isabella’s mouth to push her sucking it with really a lot of drooling and spitting. Then, Dionne gets on her knees now to push her now tongue inside Isabella’s mouth to do some extremely dirty kissing with a lot of tongue sucking, tongue swirling full of extreme drooling and spitting, mouth in mouth drooling and spitting, face licking and spitting. Now, Dionne is about to “drag both Isabella and Kety in a true orgasmic apocalypse”. From this moment till the end of the video, Isabella and Kety are Dionne’s sex slaves and Dionne won’t have mercy for them! Dionne pushes Kety to squirting without any chance to escape. The Ending of this movie is MASSIVE AND HUGE Squirting Orgasmic Overloading Scene for both Kety and Isabella, being literally fucked beyond any imaginable limit and totally going insane as they keep on exploding over and over and over while Dionne keeps on fucking them both, with squirting pussy juice all over the floor. After all Kety, Dionne and Isabella got fucked without mercy to multiple and countless truly devastating huge real hard orgasms, they are all looking extremely messy, wet and dirty like never before: totally covered and dripping in sweat from head to toes like they just came out from a sauna, hairs dripping wet in sweat an looking extremely dirty, wet and unwashed like they haven’t washed themselves for years and also all of the totally covered in a lot of pussy juices and saliva from head to toes. Both Kety and Isabella are totally devastated still convulsing on the floor in a mess of pussy juices, squirting, sweat and saliva, while Dionne is “literally swimming” in between them. Kety and Isabella are both on the verge of totally collapsing, but they are about to dive into a true orgasmic nightmare in which Dionne is at the same time their extreme pleasure and extreme torture. Finally, Dionne penetrates with two fingers extremely deep and hard on the g spot both Kety’s and Isabella’s pussies. As soon as Dionne begins to push and penetrate both Kety’s and Isabella’s pussies extremely deep, both Kety and Isabella goes in pure panic: there pussies are EXTREMELY Sensitive, Pleasure Sensations are Extreme and almost painful, they really can’t cum anymore as it’s too much, but they are pushd to cum by Dionne no matter they can take it or not. They are pushd to cum COUNTLESS TIMES over and over and over as much as Dionne wants, no matter if they collapse or not, no matter if Kety is squirting, she just doesn’t care and go on. Dionne keeps on finger fucking both Kety and Isabella extremely hard, deep and fast without mercy, totally driving both Kety and Isabella literally insane while fucking them senseless. As soon as Kety and Isabella are extremely close to orgasm, Dionne stops fucking them immediately, keeping the fingers inside the pussies, leaving them both on the edge of a truly huge devastating orgasm. Both Kety’s and isabella’s sexual frustration and urge to cum is STELLAR, totally driving them both insane.
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