The Try-Hard Lover

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Room-mates 19yo girls!
Apolonia is trying hard to be Dee’s Lover…
Dee gets back home from lover’s house,
when Apolonia assault her, removing first her dresses and panties,
and against Dee’s will, touching her pussy.
Dee is angry and turned on, and she will show Apolonia how to treat a girl.
Dee knows really well that nipples are Apolonia’s weak point, and while tribbing,
she droves her totally crazy, making her cum multiple times.
Dee takes then a dildo, and starts to fuck Apolonia.
She dominates her with facesitting while fucking her with Dildo till Apolonia’s orgasm.
Apolonia then traps Dee into a scissor while licking her pussy.
Dee can’t move and is pushed to orgasm without any chance to escape.
We can see now Apolonia really happy, as she’s convinced that Dee is not hers.
Dee tie her to play, Apolonia thinks… But no. Dee is going to dominate Apolonia,
touching her weak points and pushing her to lick her perfect feet.
Apolonia is disgusted, but she licks and she has an orgasm from nipples \ Dee movements sitting on her pussy!
Totally dominated, then Dee fucks Apolonia with strapon to her orgasm,
Remembering Apolonia her position… She wanted to be a lover… and now she’s a Slave.

Video Information:
Lenght: 27:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD
Price: 24.99€


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