The better is not the wetter

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When Nicole Love and Vinna Reed meet each other at Defeated’s, it’s not a surprise for them, as they already know each other by reputation.
But still, even if they studied their prey beforehand, and got to the location prepared, the alpha female inside them immediately raises her hackles within them.
They immediately feel the urge to act. They already know the rules, so they start the match straight away, already naked, staring at each other.
Even if they don’t like each other, they begin to feel the unmistakable symptoms of intense sexual arousal, aware that their adversary is as turned on as they are. Still, they are in a fight for alpha status, and each one of them wants their opponent to be the first to orgasm.
Their body get into action instantly, before they could even think rationally, and in a moment they feel their naked bodies already touching, breast to breast. They both moan involuntarily, as their hands start to explore each other’s backs and buttocks.
And it’s getting hotter and hotter, as they proceed licking their pussy in a 69 position, their tongues running across their vagina mercilessly. They go through many challenges, ending by tribbing in many positions to see who is the hotter and the sexier.
Toward the end, they become wetter and wetter, but only one is going to be devastated by a final orgasm, built like a thunderstorm on the horizon. The loser will finish with her pussy dripping, burning at the same time for pleasure and humiliation as well: this is the end of the match.
The loser knows that the rival would be the alpha female, at least until they will fight again.

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Defeated Sexfight

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