The Main Maid

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This project starts from SFFAN4E who made everything possible.
Not only this video, but with a Main Maid Novel downloadable here:

Check The Story!

After what happened in chapters 1 upto 7 (see New story: Clash of Maids), Ivy was ready for what was coming.

As she stands besides her future co-workers, or perhaps subordinates, the butler Mikael instructs the girls of what is expected from them for the sollicitation as main maid for this new penthouse. Probably redundantly, as the girls know that they are supposed to sexfight for the position as housekeeper untill one of them prevails as the best girl of them all.
After the girls shortly introduce themselves, the match finally began.

Soon enough the girls got rid of their outfits.

And orgasms flew freely around, as one girl pushs the other into cumming.

Each highlight was hard fought.

All the while changing opponents and making yet another maid cum. Weakening their opponents. With each orgasm.

Untill finally one girl prevails.

Special thanks to Sffan4e who wrote this script and made this possible!

Video Information:
Lenght: 39:31 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD
Price: 29.99€



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