The Tipping Point – Oil Sexfight



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The video opens with Sweetcat and Vanessa Decker with open long hairs, tight nightdresses, stockings and high heels.
The girls begin to argue about who is the better fighter.
For this reason, they agree on these rules: the winner is the one who makes the other one cum three times (ending 3-2).
The winner will ride on the other ones body and face to get a last own orgasm.

The fight starts aggressive to push the opponent to orgasm by fingering, while kissings, hairpulling, stroking breasts bodies and pussies, touching each other and playing with their hairs.
All the time they talk between them, they flirt with their hairs, eyes and tongue, while they get hot and clymaxed.
They often arrive to the tipping point, where their pleasure is too much to bear, and holding the orgasm is not possible anymore.
When the arrive to the point of no return, they realize they are on the way to loose, so they cry: “No no no”, while the rival keeps provoking the loser, by trash talking all the time. They are capable of doing anything to stimulate the other and to win the round.
Orgasms are loud and whimpering through their bodies.

They start standing side by side and touch each other over their
dresses. After a while, one comes behind the other and strokes her body
and pussy over the dress. Shortly before loosing, she takes the other one
in front of her and fingers her to win by rubbing her dress over the
vagina from behind.

They start again by standing and then fall on their knees. After a while they
lift the gowns up and finger each other on their knees. It gets back and
forth and when they get hot. One of them falls back to make a bridge
on the knees and get fingered till she gets an orgasm.

3.round: They lie side by side, lifting up the dresses and pulling the nightgowns
over the breasts. They finger each other back and forth by lying on
the side. At some point one girl goes on her back because
she is so horny that she can’t avoid the orgasm.

4.round: The dresses get ripped off. Then they sit side by side and work
on each other. After a while one manages to sit behind the other. Shortly
before the orgasm, she takes the other sitting in front of her and makes
her cum by fingering from behind.

5.round: 69 by fingering and licking. The one who lies below on her back
makes a bridge when she gets hot. After another back and forth one wins
the 3rd orgasm. Now she poses for her victory on the opponent’s tits and face
till she gets her own clymax.

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