Tornado Tag Team Match – Blonde Vs Brunettes Final



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After the previous 2 rounds, still not sure who are better, blondes or brunettes? Well, you are not the only one, the girls are in disagreement too. So they decide to settle this once and for all in a tag team match. But not taking turns, there is no way the girls have the patience for that. So a tornado tag team match it is!

Blanche: So brunette bitches, are you ready to see that blondes rule?
Kari: You blonde bimbos got nothing on us brunettes!
Nikki: Let all the sexfightfans see who are better, blondes or brunettes.
Nicol: Let’s settle this once and for all.
Blanche: I am going to take you down!
Nicol: We’ll see who takes who down.
Nikki: I’ll fuck your brains out this time!
Kari: Not before I drain you dry…

The 4 girls get together and face off against their opponent from their previous encounter.

And it doesn’t take long for the first orgasm to flow! Look how pleased Nikki is with their first strike over the brunettes… she seems like a joyful person.

After that Blanche and Nicol, go help their partner to make their opponent to cum.

After which it’s time to swap opponents! Nicol takes on Nikki, while Blanche goes goes head to head with Kari.

The brunettes manage to get the upperhand here and sync straddle the blondes, who fight back furiously!

But the upper position in this case works out perfectly for Kari…

As well as for Nicol too.

As Blanche needed some time to recover, Kari helps out her partner, and together they bring poor Nikki to yet another orgasm! The multi stimulation of her tribbed pussy, massaged tit & body, combined with the choking proofed too much for the blonde…

The girls switch opponents and go into the next round. Here they use some more tag team tactics, like how Kari strokes Blanche thighs

Or when Nicol was stroking Nikki’s breasts from behind, who was tribbing with Kari, who at the same time was fingering Blanche, who was busy fingering Nicol…

2 Girls 1 cup… I mean 1 pussy 😉

There is so much happening at the same time!

After that 4 way moment, the blondes took the reins, scissoring on top of the brunettes.

I lost count of the numbers of orgasms in this round, but I recalled one because I love those rare occasions of a simultaneous orgasm. Here 1 shared between Nicol and Nikki.

We get treated to some nice close ups as well. As this one I like where Kari sucks as much as she can of that delicious juice out of Blanche’s pussy…

A beautiful moment where confident Blanche indulges herself…

I don’t know if you have seen their previous match, but Blanche and Nicol had some a nice little breast on breast moment, which repeated itself here. All the while Kari and Nikki tingle each others pussy…

But don’t mistake all this for lesbian love. Here for example where Blanche and Nicol have a brief test of strength moment…

The brunettes overwhelm the blondes and take the upper position. Kari in missionary choking her nemesis Nikki.

And Nicol straddle trib, while maintaining her power struggle with Blanche…

Untill out of frustration (or perhaps lust?) they choke trib each other!

And another 4 way ensues. Fingering, kissing, pussy licking all at the same time.

This match is such an incredible one, with 4 hot girls, a diversity of sexual positions, and countless orgasms flying around!

In the end, who do you think are better? Blondes or brunettes?

(Thank you to SFFAN who wrote this text on HostBoard and helped us to make this real)

Content Information:
Type of fight: Competitive Multi Orgasm Fight
Victory pose: Yes
Finisher humiliation: Facesitting KO


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