Trib Till They’re Dry



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“To trib till they’re dry,
in defeat one will cry…

Cat is standing confidently in a sexy white floral babydoll, facing her brunette opponent. She’s sure that she can take on newcomer Vanessa. Not only does she believe that she has more experience, but that she is also stronger than her challenger.

Vanessa, in her exotic black floral babydoll, is not impressed by the blonde hotties physical appearance, nor her so called experience. Vanessa herself has been a sexfight fan for ages and had her share of… confrontations so to speak.

The girls are challenging eachother to see who the better woman is. They start their match with some kissing, to see what kind of opponent they are dealing with.

Vanessa is going for the offensive and starts rubbing Sweetcat’s pussy ferosiously. Cat retaliates by rubbing back, but can’t withstand Vanessa’s intense rubbing.

Taken a bit back by the brunette’s skill and furious passion Sweetcat had the first orgasm in this match. Fortunately this was not a sexfight where the first to cum looses. But she realizes that she had to change tactics if she wants to stand a chance.
Subtly Cat lowers her position in a way that access to her pussy becomes more difficult, while her own fingers can still easily get to her target. She would settle the score with this cunt.

And indeed in a short while she noticed how Vanessa’s breathing becomes more irregular and reaches a point of no return.

After these initial rounds, the girls decide to take off their flimsy clothes and arouse eachother topless.

They started kissing again, but soon went on kneeding breast and even sucking and licking nipples…

But their main goal was to get to eachothers pussy. The girls soon got rid of the undergarments as well. Sweetcat suddenly overwhelms Vanessa by suffocating her with her hand. This gave her the opportunity to take the top in a 69 position. Both girls started to lick and suck on eachothers pussy and clit.

As it was more difficult to get to Cat’s sweet pussy, combined with the expert stimulation by her blonde opponent, Vanessa soon enough felt the result of her disadvantageous bottom position. Sweetcat sucked like there is no tomorrow, causing the brunette girl exploded in yet another orgasm.

Cat licks up that sweet nectar from the brunette wet swollen pussy, sure she is victorious. But the newcomer would not be defeated that easily. With renewed effort Vanessa sucks back on the flower in front of her, causing Cat to shudder in extacy…

But she knew to control her urges and again starts licking and sucking that brunette’s still oversensitive pussy untill it overflowed once more.

Thinking that she has weakened Vanessa’s pussy and clit enough, Sweetcat decides to take on her opponent head on: pussy 2 pussy.

Boy was she wrong, Vanessa soon turns the table of her and has the blonde on her back. All the while pumping into her struggling adversary.

After a while she noticed that Cat’s strong pussy resisted her thrusts, and decided to use her tongue again.
Not being outdone by the newby, Cat equally intensily sucks on the brunette’s pussy.
But this time Vanessa got the better hand, and with a few well placed combinations of licking and sucking Cat experienced a massive orgasm that almost took her out.

Vanessa started to take the victory position by sitting on top of her opponents face. But Cat wouldn’t allow herself to be defeated that easily.
The girls get into some intense trib for the final fase.

They even pinched and slapped eachother where they could. Straddling the other in place, and even choking and smothering her opponent, trying to distract and weaken the other.

In the end one girls finishes the other by a few rows of intense mindblowing orgasms. The looser barely got the strength to exclaim that her pussy could take no more. That didn’t stop the winner from tribbing yet another orgams out of her, leaving her completely worn out.

To show her dominance she face sits her defeated foe and rides herself to heaven. After which she smothers her opponent with her champion pussy to dreamland…

(Thanks to Sffan4e who wrote this description on a Hostboard review)

Content Information:
Type of fight: Competitive Trib Sexfight
Victory pose: Yes
Finisher humiliation: Facesitting Smother

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