Triple Threat Alpha Blonde



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For a long time Nataly and Sweetcat have fought many girls on the roster of Defeatedsexfight. From blondes to brunettes.
But never was decided who the Alpha blonde in the group is. So they meet to take on each other in a sexfight. Nataly comes in her sweet blue dress, while Sweetcat wears a hot pink dress.
But wait, newcomer Ivana, sporting a sexy green dress, challenges them for the title as well!
Although she might be new on the team, she is quite the competitive sexfighter and thinks she can best these 2 veterans.
The 3 blondes get together to determine who is the Alpha blonde on the team. They go over the rules and decide to settle it in a Triple Threat match.
The girls are totally hot for one another.
They agree to start in a circle of simultaneous pussy stimulation.
The one who comes first, becomes the sideline fighter and gets the chance to recover.
Who will have the first of so many orgasms?
The 2 remaining girls become the main fighters who will take each other on.
The sideline fighter is allowed to stimulate the mainfighters.
This continues, untill the last girl standing. She gets to face sit her defeated opponents and of course earns the title of Alpha blonde.
All three girls take each other on real good. Trading orgasms back and forth. Getting pussies sooo wet…
Thanks to Sffan who wrote this text on HostBoard.

Content Information:
Type of fight: Triple Threat Match
Victory pose: Yes
Finisher humiliation: Facesitting & Pussy Licking


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