Wet ‘n’ wild



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Emylia is extremely expert in  pushing another girl to multiple devastating orgasms. Ornella is a pro competitive wrestler and once she blocks her prey she never let go until she decides it’s enough.
When both girls finally meet each other, they seriously hate each other.
That’s the reason why they will become extremely competitive. What we see, is two super furious, aggressive, dirty, wild, perverted women.
They will finger each other, pushing their foe to multiple squirting orgasms.
They will block the opponent in some wild position to make her cum more.
They will trib without any mercy, surrounded by all the mess made by their wet pussy juices.
In this case, we are not speaking about two girls sexfighting to see who is the alpha and who is the beta, this match is about two super alphas utterly destroying each other sexually until they are almost knocked out for all the extreme orgasms!
In fact, they won’t stop fucking each other, no matter what, until only one remains barely conscious.

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