The X Factor – Competitive Trib

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In this sexfight match, tribbing is the only technique allowed. Blanche Bradburry is quite an experienced sexfighter, who competitively fought with many girls in the past, also in oil. Foxies had the chance to get less training, as she had just a one-to-one sexfight in the past, so, will she be able to hold her orgasm? But Foxies is a proud Czech blonde, she is willing to fight aggressively in order to make Blanche cum more. She will do whatever is in her power to fast learn Blanche’s skills and to apply them on her opponent. Who is going to win this breathless, sensual sexfight? Does experience makes the clitoris stonger, or is there also an X-factor that allows newcomer to conquer her opponent’s orgasm? One fact is for sure, who will be able to be the best tribber will gain the title of alpha woman, until next exciting challenge.

Video Information:
Lenght: 39:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 24.99$


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Defeated Sexfight

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