Yoga Sexfight

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Alexa and Julia, her yoga teacher, are flexing and relaxing, naked.
Alexa watches Julia and admire her, while she begins to be turned on.
Julia has eyes closed, and can’t see what Alexa is doing…
She’s in the corner, staring at Julia’s open legs masturbating.
Alexa can’t control herself anymore, and Julia after a while hear her moans and open her eyes, shocked of what’s going on.
Julia tries to leave the room but Alexa bring her down and start to masturbate her;
Julia slowly turns on and the sexfight begins, with amazing hot yoga position in tribbing, foot fucking and g-spot fingering, wideopen legs orgasms and more in this 62 minutes video.

Video Information:
Lenght: 1:02:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: FULL HD
Price: 29.99€



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Defeatedsexfight is about sexfight videos, the best pornstars around fighting for the best pussy, fighting with scissor tribadism, tribbing fighting, pussy fight to prove who's pussy is stronger. International matches, humiliation for the loser after the sexfight, facesittings and lots of tribbing scissors