Young, Proud and Competitive to the end

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Darcia (19 years old) and Dee (21 years old) are ready to sexfight to see who’s the best rookie here. The fight is competitive, aggressive, fast changing and full of orgasms!
The flexibility of Darcia will beat the experience of Dee?
Even if it doesn’t, she’ll surprise you with spread open legs positions out of the imagination,
as Dee toys with her legs for the entire fight.
The fight contains fingering inside and outside, tribadism and 69,
Till one of the two can’t take anymore.(Fun fact: they fingered them self for so long that both girls arms were completely destroyed after the match. We had to shoot other scenes for but it was impossible beause of this!!!)
Video Information:
Lenght: 36:53 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 29.99€


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Defeated Sexfight

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