You’re pullin’ me in with another low blow

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Luna and Zafira are intimate. While they are lying on the couch naked, they can’t determine who is the best in giving pleasure to the other.
The only way to decide it? A sexfight match.
Both girls are determined to win.
For sure, these women never fought for a draw in their own life.

It’s vital for alpha women to prove who is the better in seducing, no matter what.
As they are close, both women know very well the weak points of the opponent.
They both know how to get the opponent. Tribbing, fingering, pussy licking, double dildo penetration, they’ll try every possible low blow to make the other cum.

Even if they’ll try their best to resist each other, you’ll see a lot of passionate and intense orgasms.
In fact, sexfight is not just about scoring orgasms – it’s about winning.

Video Information:
Lenght: 30:05 Minutes
Format: MP4
Price: 29.99€

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Defeatedsexfight is about sexfight videos, the best pornstars around fighting for the best pussy, fighting with scissor tribadism, tribbing fighting, pussy fight to prove who's pussy is stronger. International matches, humiliation for the loser after the sexfight, facesittings and lots of tribbing scissors